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Catalysts for Video

By next year, Internet video is expected to account for over 50 percent of consumer Internet traffic. With the consumerization of IT, how long will it be before you start seeing these sorts of video loads on your enterprise networks? Perhaps you are already deploying video endpoints and applications on your campus networks with devices such as Cisco TelePresence – and if you are, how are you making sure that your network is ready for video before you deploy? Do you have intelligent tools to troubleshoot video issues once you deploy?

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Free Your Business From the Tyranny of an Unreliable Network

Cisco's The Right Network Braveheart VideoIs your office struggling with dropped connections and unexpected network outages? See how our hero Will Wallace overcomes these challenges by switching to the Right Network. The team can now experience the freedom of reliable access and enhanced business productivity from implementing a secure network. Without a doubt, the Right Network changes everything.

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The No Brainer Speed Demon of Networking


If you got the Thanksgiving week copy of Network World, you’d have seen a feature article on the testing they did on the newest Cisco Wide Area Application Services, or WAAS for short. The Clear Choice test looked at the speed and scalability of the industry’s most scalable WAN Optimization appliance – the WAAS 8541.

Below, we provide an overview of the article, list the highlights of some great testing, and show a fun video that goes through the case for WAN optimization.

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Medianet at CA World ’11 in Las Vegas

Cisco's Michael Dybka and Ulrica de Fort-Menares demonstrate medianet at CA World 2011
Cisco’s medianet demonstration at CA World 2011

Cisco was a platinum sponsor at CA World 2011 that occurred Nov13-16, 2011. The medianet team had a booth and a session presented by Ulrica de Fort-Menares, TM100SN Enhancing Video and Application Experiences with Cisco medianet. Thank you all who stopped by our booth and watched Ulrica’s session. [For those of you who didn’t make it to Vegas,]…we demo’d the recently released Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1… medianet capabilities like performance monitor and mediatrace …and IPSLA Video Operations. Read full blog.

Medianet Heating Up Russia

Cisco won the Breakthrough Technology award in the Business video category from Open Systems magazine. Open Systems magazine is a leading and one of the oldest periodical editions in Russia, devoted to complex IT infrastructure and information technologies. Cisco was recognized for its medianet innovation.  Read full blog.