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Cisco Brings Secure BYOD Solutions to a City Near You; Celebrates Cisco BYOD Thursdays

Can you imagine life without your iPhone? Your Android?  Your tablet?  I get uncomfortable just thinking about having to use a phonebook to look up a number, or a map to get somewhere, or a desktop machine to read email.   Luckily, our employers are beginning to understand our dependence on personal devices.  As our dependence increases, the challenge for our employers is also increasing to implement simple, secure, effective BYOD solutions so we can productively use these devices in the work environment.   We have seen an uptake of organizations announcing their plans for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. To keep moving the dialogue forward on how to make sure organizations are prepared for BYOD,   Cisco will be launching a “BYOD Thursday’s” blog series and BYOD roadshows.

For the BYOD Solution Days Roadshow,  Cisco switching, wireless, security, desktop virtualization and collaboration subject matter experts will travel across the country to demonstrate, using real-life scenarios, how organizations can successfully address the BYOD challenge.  The link below provides complete information on dates, locations and registration.

BYOD Solution Days:  September 12 – November 14

Attendees will learn:

  • How to effectively use the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution for mobile device freedom without compromising your network.
  • Technical design considerations for successful implementation of secure mobility initiatives.

Spaces are filling up fast so be sure to click the links above to see when we’ll be in your city and register today. We hope to see you there!  And keep on the lookout for our “BYOD Thursday’s” posts moving forward.

Cisco in VMware’s Rapid Desktop Program: A Cost-Effective Approach to Deploy VDI at the Branch and for SMBs

As enterprises continue to address their business needs for BYOD, security and compliance they’ve increasingly adopted virtual desktops. However, most enterprises continue to struggle to move beyond a pilot phase when addressing how to scale desktops across their wide-area networks to branch offices without potentially compromising application performance and, ultimately, productivity.

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Burning Man Versus VMworld – The Incomplete List

This weekend marked the migration of people to and from San Francisco – VMworld2012 attendees were headed to SFO while Burners were heading out to Black Rock City. Knowing people in both camps, I thought it’d be fun to do a little comparison list.  Thirteen ways to look at Burning Man versus VMworld – acronyms, bacon, clothing and more.

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Is Your Network Excited for VMWorld?

This is your color-coded guide to VMworld, for the network 

Sure, there will be a lot of datacenter-focused people at VMWorld.  However, if you care about all the exciting things happening in datacenters, you should alao care about what happens once you get beyond the data center.  Here is your short guide to finding talks, breakout sessions, and demonstrations on some of the network technologies you might want to know about. Read More »

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How to Win A Gold Medal with Cisco Unified Access

The 2012 London summer Olympic games are now in the books. I’m sure that a lot of you watched as many events as you could.  As thousands of world-class Olympians met and competed, they left us with not only their brilliant performances but also many inspirational stories.

Almost everyone is familiar with South Africa’s double amputee “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius. There’s also Bryshon Nellum, the American track and field athlete, who brought us another amazing story.  In 2008, he was shot three times with major damage to his legs and hamstrings. Against all odds, he trained through the pain and recovered his speed. In London, he ran the first leg of the US men’s 4×400 relay team and they won the silver medal.

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