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Demystifying the Catalyst: Video Application readiness assessment

In this blog post, let’s take a look at how Catalyst switches can be used to assess video application readiness in the network before rolling out a video based collaboration enterprise application.

Businesses use video based applications for employee collaboration, training, surveillance and so on. Fundamentally, video traffic is different from data and voice.  Video traffic is more dynamic and bandwidth intensive and small changes in delay or small loss can cause visible disruptions to user experience. Further, problems with interactive video have a very small window for troubleshooting to occur due to its real-time nature. Because of all these, a network needs to be certified “video ready” before rolling out any new video based application or service.  A proper end-to-end assessment of network infrastructure is needed for this certification.

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How Cisco Trucks Help Establish Communications for First Responders

With the east coast reeling from the effects of hurricane Sandy, utilities are doing their best to restore power to millions who are still without power and other services. Cisco’s NERV truck has been deployed to help utilities and other emergency responders re-establish communications for incident management and service restoration.

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The Faster, Easier Way to Manage Your VPN

Did you know that over 70% of Cisco employees telecommute at least 1 day a week? As someone who telecommutes regularly, using a VPN to securely access the Cisco corporate network has become second nature. Cisco also uses VPN connections to extend the corporate network to cloud service providers, remote offices, data centers and much more – all around the world. That’s a lot of VPN connections.

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Demystifying the Catalyst: The Basics of Application Visibility in the Network

What is Flexible NetFlow and why should you use it? In this blog post, let’s take a look at the basics of Application Visibility in the network for capacity planning and security.

In an enterprise, hundreds of applications are accessed by users from different locations within the campus and remotely from a branch or home. The application usage is usually not known beforehand and increases non-uniformly over time. This non-uniform app usage translates to non-uniform increases in traffic across the network which complicates capacity planning. Another complexity to capacity planning is that there can be sudden spikes in the traffic due to security issues such as internal security breaches, viruses, Denial of Service attacks, or network-propagated worms. IT administrators should not wait for these incidents to happen in order to tackle them. Instead, administrators must have the ability to see the usage pattern in advance for capacity planning and security incident detection and remediation.

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The Network is the Path to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Services

Thinking about moving your document collaboration to the cloud?  How about data backup?  Want printing using the cloud?  You know there are benefits to moving applications to the cloud such as greater flexibility, lower costs and reduced operational demands and you’ve probably discussed this transition with your application team.  But have you had this discussion with the network team? Read More »

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