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Tech Field Day Extra at ONUG – ACI, Docker, and OpenStack Group-Based Policy

A few weeks ago at the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference, Cisco hosted a session on ACI, Docker, and Group Based Policy for Tech Field Day Extra. ONUG is a two day conference which includes keynotes and panels providing opinions on open infrastructure deployment from IT business leaders.

And for those of you who haven’t heard of or seen the Tech Field Day sessions, a quick breakdown: Delegates (bloggers, speakers, podcasters, and influential leaders) come in for a session on Cisco technologies in which they are allowed to ask questions freely throughout the presentation.  Usually these presentations consist of a demo and/or a white boarding session.

For Tech Field Day Extra (#TFDx) at ONUG one of our principal engineers, Lucien Avramov, gave an hour presentation to 11 delegates at New York University.


In his first session Lucien discusses Cisco Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and demonstrates the integration between ACI and OpenStack with F5 and Palo Alto components:

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Ready to Upgrade Your Campus Access and Campus Backbone Switches?

Catalyst 3560-CX switch

Catalyst 3560-CX switch

You’ve had an older Cisco switch working its magic in your data center for year. While it’s still doing an admirable job, in order for your network to move forward, you know that you’re going to have to upgrade sooner rather than later.

But where do you begin the upgrading process? With so many switch options, how does a clear path from what you have now to what you need manifest itself? There are a bonanza of Cisco switches to choose from, what makes sense for your organization?

You don’t have to travel down this path blindly. Cisco has mapped out the options for upgrading your old equipment to new switches. And we’re not going to give you just one choice, the new switches fall into two categories:

  1. Lead Switch – is a best-in-class switch that has a high-end differentiated set of features in a given category. This switch has the most unique features compared to the competitors in its category.
  2. Base Switch – is an entry-level switch in its category and is also known as foundation switch. It has a lower price and a limited feature set, but it’s still a better option than our competitors.

Campus Access Switches Upgrade Path Read More »

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Celebrate the Holiday Season with Better Security Defense

Holidays are here. It is time to take a pause from work for travels and family celebrations. But hackers are not taking a rest. Just recently, a major hotel chain reported that it suffered a security breach related to customer credit and debit card payments.

The hospitality industry is certainly not the only victim of data breaches.  A recent report on Protected Health Information (PHI) data breach suggests that many industries (not just the healthcare industry alone) have experienced a PHI data breach – in fact 90% of them.

The industrialization of hacking has generated increasingly sophisticated and discrete cyberattacks for financial or political gain. No organizations today are immune from these nonstop attacks. So what can you do to help protect your organization?

Defense in depth is a proven information security strategy. Your layered defense includes all the security components you have already deployed such as firewalls, IPS, and advanced malware protection. But, have you utilized one of the strongest tools that you already have? It is the network itself.

Your Cisco network includes Catalyst and Nexus switches, integrated services routers (ISRs), aggregation services routers (ASRs), wireless products, and UCS systems. These network solutions can add another layer of security protection for you throughout the attack continuum, before, during and after an attack.

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Your Right to Choose Your WAN Connectivity and Your Right to Security

Still too often, nowadays, I look at my phone and my stomach drops.

I see: “3G”…

Even worse, I see: “1x”…

I think to myself: It’s the year 2015 and the world is becoming increasingly digitized. IDC’s Internet of Things Forecast states that there will be 4 billion people using 50 billion devices all in one hyper-connected world. I (along with 3,999,999,999 other people) believe it is my right to always have a consistent and high-performing 4G-LTE connection.

For the enterprise, Cisco’s SD-WAN Bill of Rights talks about what customers should expect and demand as they prepare their WAN for tomorrow. Among these rights are two that are very important to branch security in particular: Read More »

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Networking Field Day 10 Recap 2 – Deep Dive into IWAN Policy Automation along with Application Visibility and Protection

On August 19th twelve delegates came into Cisco for a deep dive session on multiple topics including IWAN Policy Automation and IWAN Application Visibility and Protection. This session is known as Networking Field Day where bloggers, speakers, podcasters, and influential leaders come into Cisco for a 2 hour session and ask questions to our speakers throughout presentations on exciting Cisco technologies.

Jeff Reed, VP of Network Transformation, kicked off #NFD10 by introducing Cisco’s approach to Software Define WAN (SD-WAN) for the Enterprises. Sumanth Kakaraparthi, Product Manager for Platform Routing, and Pedro Leonardo, Product Manager in Networking Transformation for Enterprise Management and Controller, then continued to dive into Zero-Touch Deployment. For more information on those sessions, click here: Networking Field Day 10 Recap – Introduction to SD-WAN and Zero Touch Deployment

Sumanth and Pedro continued with a deep dive into IWAN Policy Automation, where they explain how Cisco moves away from feature level configuration to business policy configuration.

Here are some questions that were asked Read More »

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