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Cisco Developer Contest – Finalists to be announced tomorrow (drumroll please….)

Okay, it’s almost time. Let’s begin the drumroll, as we announce the finalists that move in into Phase-2 of the Cisco Developer contest and begin to develop applications.Watch this space on May the 15th, 2009. Also look out for exciting updates to the contest website

Top Ten Questions on My Mind as I Head to InterOp — What are Yours?

Oh, how InterOp has changed… and changed… and changed, again. I remember InterOp’s original innovation roots — when live connection to the showfloor network was a requirement for all exhibitors. In this early phase, attendees numbered from a few to around ten thousand and were mostly software/hardware development engineers. Proving was paramount. Connecters, signals, protocols, devices… everything needed proving. I remember InterOp’s transition to a full-fledge mega-show, requiring exhibition space in not only the Las Vegas Convention Center and attached Hilton, but also within a dozen or more satellite hotels. In this phase, attendees numbered over 150,000 and were mostly network operators and product marketeers. Selling was paramount. Vendors sold customers. Start-ups sold investors (or outright buyers). Technology innovation seemed to take a back seat to crossing the chasm in order to reach the mainstream money pile. Well, with a troubled economy and heightened virtual access to industry events and information, InterOp would seem to be returning to its innovation roots once again. No network vendor should be spending event monies unless they are looking to show something that is truly innovative. No network operator should be spending travel monies unless they are looking to do something really innovative. While the development engineers may not have returned, InterOP has once again returned to being a proving ground for networking. Only this time around, it is less about proof of concept and more about proof of value. Which leads me to the questions that I will carry with me as I travel the aisles, visit the booths, and attend the sessions. Read More »

Inspirational innovations

When Barack Obama kicked off his online town hall meeting recently, he accomplished yet another innovative endeavor in his presidency. No other US presidents have ever reached out to the public and grass roots the way he has, utilizing the full power of the Internet and technologies to connect with the main street.Customers are asking the same effort in the information security arena. They are looking for new solutions that can help them secure their business environment, with easy deployment and management in the mean time. I’m very excited about the major progress made in Cisco’s Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS). It is just such an innovative solution for customers. Read More »

The Power of the Network

With power, comes responsibility. You’ve heard this before, but it is even more critical when we’re all armed with the tools that can influence or impact others. Most recently, this came to a head with Twittering about Swine Flu. With the unfiltered nature of the ‘tweet’, fact and rumor, the correct and incorrect, are immediately available to ‘followers.’ It is almost like mob rule for news. Twitter is just the latest example of our sometime misplaced demand for the latest information … a nation developing an acute case of ADD and grabbing disparate pieces of information on the fly …. without any centralized analysis based on vetted data. Imagine if you managed your IT infrastructure that way. Reacting to individual situations as isolated problems; troubleshooting based on rumors or hearsay; operating in a vacuum, without analysis and without the bird’s eye view. Not the most strategic or efficient way to manage your business. And certainly not an approach you can sustain over the longer term. Caveat emptor, magnified a thousand-fold. Read More »

Cisco IT Innovation Forum – A sneak peek for May 7th

As mentioned in my previous blog, on May 7th, less than three days from today, curtains will rise on the Cisco IT Innovation Forum – a 360-degree customer-focussed event involving Cisco’s customers from all over the world, industry thought leaders from various analyst firms and of course, Cisco business and technology experts. What’s in it for you?All our keynote speakers, panelists and other presenters are going to share their thoughts and experience on how to sustain innovation in turbulent times while navigating to survive. Though there is no one size fits all, these are times when the bulk of organizations resonate to a few common problems, and are looking for creative practices to lower costs in the workplace, improve productivity and think outside the box in how they leverage IT not just as a cost center but as a strategic asset to their business.Who’s speaking?We have our customers sharing their experiences and advocating best practices from across the globe. It’s not “Cisco-speak” and believe me you don’t want to miss this — Joao D. Bezerra Leite, Director, IT Operations and Infrastructure, Itau Bank- Ushir Bhatt, Chief Executive Officer, Future Group- Dave Cahill, Chief Information Officer, Van Meter Industrial, Inc.- Matthew Frederickson, Director, Information Technology, Council Rock School District- Grigorios Gkotsis, Project Manager, Consultant, Information Society S.A., of Ministry of Interior- Eric Hicks, Director, Information Technology, Burnham Institute for Medical Research- Marco Michelotti, Manager, Information and Communication, Leaseplan- Darren O’Connor, Chief Information Officer, The Reject Shop- Riccardo Salierno, Chief Information Officer, Liquigas S.p.A.- Daryl Schweiger, Manager, Information Systems, Cardiovascular GroupAlso, don’t miss out on some of the leading analysts from Nemertes group, Current Analysis and the Lippis report, or the Keynote session with Cisco executives Mick Scully, Marie Hattar, Shailesh Shukla moderated by Bob Berlin. Believe me, none of them are shy to voice their opinions.imageRegister now @ It’s Virtual and Free! Read More »