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IPv6 – To be or not to be?

Greetings. Interop 2009 is just around the corner! We’re excited and looking forward to catching the latest news and views about IPv6 industry uptake. We’ll be video blogging from the floor so don’t be shocked if you see me coming around the corner with a video photog in tow! We’d love to hear your insights and attitudes about IPv6 and other important issues facing our industry. You can tell us here and at the show. Here’s to a great show. See you there!Jennifer Geisler, Manager of Network Systems Switching Solutions for Cisco.

Yankee’s Zeus Kerravala comes on board as a judge for the Cisco Developer contest

Back in December 08, we got together to chat with Yankee’s SVP of Enterprise Research Zeus Kerravala who shared his thoughts on Innovating in a Fragile Economy. The stock markets have picked up a bit worldwide, banks have started to make surprise profits and the economy seems to be getting ready to pick itself up a bit. However unemployment is up, and foreclosures still abound. The times are still turbulent and the economy still fragile. Amidst all of this, we’ve managed to go through all the proposals that we received for the Cisco ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developer contest and have managed to put together a list of potential finalists, who are still being vetted. We hope to have a list that we can announce in the next 2+ weeks.But we’re looking ahead, and getting our judges lined up to evaluate the applications when they’re ready at the end of Phase-2 of the contest. We talked to Zeus sometime ago, and he graciously agreed to come on board and help adjudge the finalists. As always it is a pleasure to have Zeus as part of our “team” here, and weigh in with his rich industry prespectives. For us, it’s important to eyes other than our own looking “outside-in” and balance our “inside-out” approach. We believe Zeus and his other judges to follow will provide us an unbiased viewpoint. Read More »

Sneak peak: Cisco’s participation in the Linux foundation’s Collaboration Summit

This week, Cisco’s top contributor to the Linux kernel, Roland Dreier, is for the first time heading to the Linux Foundation’s invitation only Collaboration Summit which kicks off on Wed. April 8 (and ends on April 9) up in San Francisco. Roland’s presenting on Friday, April 10 on the topic of how Linux works with high performance computing and drills down a bit into RDMA which is the key technology that allows some of the largest supercomputers to be built out of Linux based building blocks. Roland’s the sub-system maintainer of RDMA -- which means he’s has hundreds of patches, or changes to the code, accepted into the Linux kernel! He’s seen his years of efforts come to fruition most recently when Cisco announced how it’s teamed with NYSE Technologies to help financial service companies accelerate automated trading applications with an RDMA-based solution. Read More »

Cisco Developer contest prize money increased to 10 million dollars

1st April 2009Today, in a bid to boost the economy and give more incentive to developers, Cisco decided to boost the prize money for the ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developer Contest to a million dollars, and revise the judging criteria to give more weightage to entrants with countries with a lower GDP. Moreover, instead of to a team, these awards will be provided to every member of the team, and the number of winning teams will be increased from three to ten. In a bid to ensure fairness, and because we believe that innovation is global, no single country will be allowed to have more than one winning team.Oh well, that’s as far as we could string it on April fool’s day :-) Maybe someday we will hold a contest with 10 million dollars in prize money. For now, everything remains just the same as outlined in our original announcement terms and conditions. We’re having a FANTASTIC time going through the various entries that have come in, and closing down on potential finalists. If I didn’t say this already, the quality of proposals is amazing and that does pose a good problem for the judgest. But if everything goes per schedule, we should be announcing the finalists by end of April. And yessir, that won’t be an April Fool’s joke. Read More »

Infrastructure readiness for Phase-2 of the Cisco Developer Contest

As the Cisco judging team continues to navigate through the numerous proposals received for Phase-1 of the Cisco ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developer contest, a parallel engineering team is hard at work getting the development lab set up for the Phase-2 finalists-to-be. While we could not showcase the hosted lab infrastructure with the humming routers, we did the next best thing. We got Anurag Gurtu, one of the Technical Marketing Engineers to whiteboard the setup. We’ve received a few queries on the access mode, developmental aids etc., and thought this conversation would help our contestents get mentally prepared should they become finalists. Read More »