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Global innovation is alive and well!

In conducting the Cisco I-Prize, one of our key theories is that innovation is alive and well across the globe – but we need the right kind of collaborative tools and incentives to unlock it.  I think we can definitely conclude that our theory has proved itself one again, beyond our wildest expectations.


There are currently over 2300 participants who have generated over 700 new ideas so far – A phenomenal level of innovative energy and roughly similar to the initial Cisco I-Prize competition. 


What’s been truly amazing is that we have participants from 149 countries!

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Show, Don’t Tell

The number one rule in screenwriting is “Show, don’t tell”. If a character is unhappy, don’t have him/her say “I’m unhappy”.  Throw a dish, burst into tears, put a fist through the wall. All these are preferable to just telling us how the character is feeling. The theory is that – through seeing the characters actions yourself – you gain a deeper understanding of that character.  You are more engaged in their development. You move from passive recipient to active participant.


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The Top 3 Challenges for Wireless Networks in 2010

The propagation of wireless devices and advancements in Wi-Fi technology are changing our expectations for wireless networks. Cisco’s Greg Beach, Director of Wireless Networking, sees this first-hand working with both Cisco customers and Cisco’s own wireless development engineers. These are his observations…

Consumers and professionals in sectors from education and healthcare to retail and manufacturing and beyond increasingly depend on wireless networks to do work and connect to others, and they demand high performance and reliability.

From the perspective of IT administrators and network managers, meeting these expectations in the coming year will be challenging. In particular, there are three major trends affecting Wi-Fi networks that will present challenges for the people at the front lines of network management.

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CiscoGeeks Survey: Network Operators Indicate Borderless Network Priorities

When it comes to your network, what’s most important to you? It seems like such a simple question. And yet, ask 50 different network operators and you can be guaranteed to get a rather wide range of responses. That’s what we did recently on the CiscoGeeks twitter feed.

Now granted, the sample size is small. (We actually ended up with 51 respondents.) And it is certainly a biased set of respondents – CiscoGeeks twitter followers. The results nonetheless are interesting, especially, given that the profile of the CiscoGeeks follower is likely to be a person who operates a Cisco network and is also just as likely to possess a solid technical background and curious nature with respect to networks and networking technology. After all, they are following a twitter feed called CiscoGeeks.

And now for the results…

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Keeping up with technology advancement is critical for many of us because of its real world impact. This explains, for example, why many people signed up for the Cloud Security Alliance Summit at the 2010 RSA Conference in San Francisco last month. I witnessed that many people were turned away because demand for the session far exceeded what the conference room could accommodate.

The other side of the coin is how some of the long time customer challenges are being addressed. A recent study by TheInfoPro (Information Security Wave 12) shows that user awareness and compliance are still the top 2 information security pain points for customers – not cloud computing, virtualization or any other specific technologies although many of them have their own fair share of security concerns.

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