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Cyberspace Action for Education

A few months ago, I travelled to Washington D.C. to attend the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC).   In the hotel elevator, I met with two guests who both had a miniature koala attached prominently to their shirts. “Are you from Australia?” I asked.  “Yes”, they smiled. “And we’re here to attend NECC.”   The types of schools represented at the conference varied as greatly as their geographical locations. It was great to see the community effort for better education.

At the conference, I was impressed with how many schools were deploying the latest security technologies.   But I was also struck to learn from a teacher that her school district had very little online security. “We don’t even have a password for our email, to give you an example”, she mentioned. As many of us are aware, cyberspace risks are real.  The online world is an inseparable part of the learning environment for students, teachers and staff. There are many opportunities for the education community to come together to achieve better cybersecurity.

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[Cisco Developer Contest] Check out the finalists’ demos

In the past few months we have been keeping you updated on the AXP developer contest – well, we’re getting ready to announce our winners!

This week, on October 8th, we will announce the three winners of the Cisco “Think Inside the Box” developer contest. We will unveil who will be awarded the first prize (US$50,000), the second prize (US$30,000), and the third prize (US$20,000) among our eight finalists who crossed the finishing line.  Like we have mentioned in previous blog posts, these awards will be given to the person or team of innovators for the most creative and business-ready applications developed for the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR), by leveraging the Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP). 

The judging panel comprised of external industry experts and Cisco executives had the tough job of evaluating the eight finalists from a pool of nearly 900 registrations from 75 countries.

Check out the finalist demos:

Want to see the demos that the finalists shared with the judges? Here they are, in no particular order. You can view their complete demos here. Enjoy!


Team SNAT, United States Application: Security and Network Assessment Tool Team MADnetwork, Spain Application: Building Automation Service (BAS) Team Bugsbernie, Germany Application: Integrated Surveillance System Team RSDevs, Russia Application: Flash Gateway to Videoconferences Team Campuser, Brazil Application: Locker for IP Telephony Team Ideate, India Application: Application Suite for IP Telephony (ASIT) Team Jin Jin, Brazil Application: Management Platform for IP Based Media Service (IMS) Applications Team Enhancers, India Application: Local Advertising Mesh Network (LAMP)

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Join Cisco to Usher in an Era of Borderless Networks

Does your business have global needs that transcend borders? Do you want to access different resources anywhere, at any time with a consistent experience? Is video an agent of change for your business? Are you keen on enhancing productivity and lowering costs, without compromising on your customer experience?  

Do you wonder what your Network can do to help?

On October 20th, 2009 at 11 a.m. PDT Cisco will unveil the architectural vision for Borderless Networks that will promote service agility and business responsiveness, anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.  Also look forward to an announcement on an exciting new innovation from Cisco that delivers on the Borderless Experience.

Join us. Register to attend the live broadcast.



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[Cisco Developer Contest] Vote for your favourite team!!

Our judging team of seven has been busy evaluating the demos of the eight qualified finalists, taking time off from their busy schedule. They are convening later this month. While we have no doubt the judging team will come to the right decision on the winners, we thought all of you out there following these teams and the contest should have your say too, even it is only for fun.

Who do YOU think should win the Cisco ‘Think Inside the Box’ Developer contest? Who do YOU think is the most innovative, or has the most interesting application out there? Who is YOUR favourite team?

Between now and October 6th, we invite you to weigh in and vote for your favourite team based on their application submission on the Cisco contest website. It will be interesting to see how the judges vote stacks up against the community vote. Once the winners are announced, we will also unveil the winner of the community choice contest – right here on the Innovations Blog! There is no monetary compensation involved for any of the teams.

Also be sure to look out for demos from these eight teams on the contest website in the coming weeks.


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Curtains come down on Phase-2 of the Cisco Developer Contest; Judging Panel Finalized.

On August 15th, 2009 curtains came down on Phase-2 of the Cisco Developer Contest. Eight of the original ten finalists crossed over the finish line with proof-of-concept applications developed and ported on the Cisco Application Extension Platform, and validated by Cisco. Congratulations to these eight teams: North America: Team SNAT Europe: Team MADnetwork, Team BugsBernie and Team RSDevs South America: Team Jin Jin and Team Campuser Asia: Team Ideate and Team Enhancers If you’ve not had a chance to see the videos some of these finalists put together, check them out here: These teams will provide demos to be shared with our judging panel, who will then decide who the top three winners are. Speaking of judges, we’ve closed on the judging panel, with two Cisco judges – Brett Galloway and Paul McNab joining the five member external judging panel. Brett is the SVP for Wireless, Security and Routing Technology Group and belongs to the Cisco Development Organization. image Paul is the VP of Enterprise and Mid-Market Solutions Marketing and belongs to the Cisco Marketing Organization. image

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