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Approaching the Gate: Meet your I-Prize Finalists – Multi-sense

We’d like to introduce you to Multi-sense, one of nine final teams in Cisco’s global I-Prize competition gunning for the $250,000 grand prize.

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The Final Lap: The Elite Nine

And then there were nine. We’ve got our finalists for Cisco’s second I-Prize competition! We watched all the video clips submitted by the semi-finalists and we want to applaud all of them for their efforts. Some of the videos were very creative. Now it’s down to the final selection, which will be held over TelePresence and WebEx. Though it’s too late to submit an idea, you can still invest in what you think will be the winning idea! The winner will be announced on June 29th.

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Striking the Right Balance: Innovation v. Equipment Spending

According to industry studies, capital equipment costs account for between 10 and 15% of the annual network budget for most organizations. While operating costs far exceed capital expenses in the budget, it is still very important to get the most from every dollar used to purchase new networking systems. This is especially true as business requirements and technology advancements continue to apply pressure to existing network devices and designs.

Your network must keep pace, but your budget is not unlimited. In essence, you must save without sacrifice. How can you continue to innovate, while reining in equipment spending?

Here are the Five Ways (plus a bonus practice) to control network equipment spending, while ensuring your network fully delivers in support of your organization’s goals.

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Calling all investors: Predict Cisco’s next big business idea

Our I-Prize competition is down to the semifinals! Many of the contestants are global teams who are now collaborating to create their video proposals. We’re using the latest Cisco collaboration tools to make it easy. If you’d like to see how well you can do as an innovation investor, sign on to the I-Prize site where you can invest ‘IP points’ in ideas you think are best. If your idea makes it to the finals, you’ll earn more points. The best investor will win an exciting prize (and bragging rights!)

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The Technology Behind Borderless Networks: From ISR G2 to CleanAir

CleanAir’s Best of Interop 2010 Award evokes the Borderless Networks architecture once again. The concept of Borderless Networks is simple enough when you think about it from the perspective of the user – it’s about the need for access and connectivity anywhere, at any time, on any device. But how can technology practically deliver this vision of the network?

I’m reminded of a quote attributed to one of the greatest innovators of all time — Leonardo DaVinci. He said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Within the Borderless Networks Architecture, there is indeed much sophisticated technology working to meet this “simple” user ideal.

A series of technology innovations starting with the ISR G2 continuing through CleanAir have contributed to concrete progress towards fulfilling the promise of  Borderless Networks. Let’s take a look back at this series of advancements to better understand where we are today.

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