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A Thriller no more

It has been a little over a week since Michael Jackson passed away. A number of my friends are traveling to Los Angeles to go lay a flower on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or make a trip to the Neverland Ranch to pay their respects. It is amazing how his death has suddenly made people realize what his life meant. I, like so many others, had forgotten how much his music had meant to me and the influence his videos had on me growing up. Last week brought back all of those in a flood as we looked up his various performances on DVD and some of the rarer ones on YouTube, reminiscing. Clearly, others felt the same, as when news of his death hit the various bulletins, the Internet slowed down and many sites crashed including Twitter, Wikipedia. Reportedly, Google searches were also impacted.The debate about his death and his life will go on. Sensationalism will prevail, and I have no idea of what is true about his personal life. However, all this will put the spotlight back on what truly should be his legacy -- his music and his constant innovations that put him in a different league altogether. Whether it be perfecting the “moonwalk”, or filing a patent for gravity-defining boots, incorporating jaw-dropping special effects, or even that little hiccup he managed to introduce in many of his songs giving them the edgy feel, he was always innovating to turn up every performance that extra notch. His ‘Thriller’ still manages to stop people from what they’re doing and glance at the screen, even after 25 years. image Read More »

Network Authentication

June 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

Interop Las Vegas 2009 is now in the rearview mirror. I came back with a lot of discussions still echoing in my ears. The gathering was smaller than last year but still a good turn out. Cisco conducted a poll among conference attendees. More than 70% of them picked security as an area of interests, higher than any other areas. And network authentication was a hot topic.So what is network authentication all about? On a very basic level, it is about understanding who is coming to the network. There are a number of ways to implement network authentication. 802.1X is one of them (see my blog on Identity based networking services). NAC (network access control) is another. In fact, most NAC solutions on the market support 802.1X as a deployment option. So why is it that not everyone is doing network authentication today? No merit? Inconvenience for end users? Too costly? Read More »

SAGEM Fax over IP solution built on the Cisco AXP platform

Christian Larocque, VP of Business Development at Sagem Interstar and Tugba Goksel of Cisco discuss how to leverage Cisco AXP for Network aware Unified Communications Solutions. Learn how Cisco Application Extension Platform enhances the capabilities of the Cisco ISR.

Live from Interop 2009! Prashanth Shenoy talks about Webex Node for Cisco ASR 1000 series

Prashanth Shenoy discusses how WebEx Node for Cisco ASR 1000 Series can help customers reduce bandwidth costs and increase productivity.

Thoughts from Cisco and Nemertes Execs from the Floor of Interop

Marie Hattar, Cisco VP and Johna Till Johnson, Nemertes President and Co-Founder, discuss the trends and highlights emerging at Interop 09/Las Vegas