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Are You Ready For The Borderless Network Challenge?

Many of you have been studying up on Borderless Networks, getting ready to win a fabulous trip for two to a wonder of the world.  Or maybe you have been admiring how cool you look in those 3D glasses.

Not sure what I am talking about? Then watch the video:


Here is a sample of the type of questions you will experience in The Challenge (these are only examples)

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Rich Applications + Poor Networks = Customer Experience Turn-off

You’ve probably seen the spinning “loading” wheel or the dreaded “hour glass” quite often in your Internet browsing experience, especially on rich media sites where videos download to your browser. You blame your ISP and move on. Lucky you.

Imagine if you are a store clerk manning the cash counter at a local big box store on Black Friday. Your POS application just went down, and the “self-service” counters have just blacked out. A collective sigh that goes up in the line doesn’t help either.

Now whom do you blame?

There are many layers to this problem. A typical business information ecosystem combines hardware—storage, servers, large computing capabilities; software applications—graphic interface driven information manipulation solutions; and the glue that connects them all—networking.

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The New Retail Workplace Experience

Multi-channel retailing enables all types of shoppers to enjoy shopping on their own terms. Whether it’s on a TV, a computer, or the 3.5 inch screen of a smart phone, retailers create experiences that increasingly allow consumers to escape store crowds and get access to a wealth of product information with a click. 

E-commerce of-course is also changing traditional retailing in a profound way. The very shoppers that are accustomed to their own retail utopia with no queues, parking meters, instant access to information, integrated social networking, fast and accurate service, also require the same when visiting the brick and mortar store. As a result traditional retailing is now held to a whole new standard of increased expectations that is putting operational pressures, many of which are placed on the shoulders of store employees.

You might wonder what Cisco has to do with the retail workplace experience. Cisco’s Borderless Networks Architecture enables in many ways the next generation retail workplace experience by improving employee and manager productivity through streamlined IT operations that protect the integrity of company and customer data and result in enhanced customer experiences.  

Let’s look at a day in the life of the new retail workplace with some examples of how Cisco Borderless Networks can positively impact retail employee productivity:

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Workplace Experience in the Borderless Network

As you wait for that flight from Mineta San Jose to Dallas for this afternoon’s meeting, chances are, you will pull up your presentation for some last-minute reviews—updating the latest sales data from your company’s financial application, while you catch up with your offshore team in China on a quick video call.

The new workplace is visual, mobile, and in the moment. For the end user—like you and me, the quality of the experience is everything. Network service levels are judged by the quality of the experience, and the ability to run any of your applications, in any location and from any device. And you and I might be internal workers, business partners, or external end customers.

The Cisco Borderless Network enriches this end user workplace experience while simplifying the network administrator’s workload who delivers this experience.

What does this mean to the user?

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Top 7 Questions on Cisco’s October 5th Event: Rumors, Be Gone!

In the last week or so, there have been rumors and speculation about our upcoming October 5th event. So, to help put those rumors to rest and start some of my own, I’ve put together this Q&A.  If you have *more* questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below or ping us on one of our social media outlets [helpfully listed to the right.. click on the pretty icons!]

1.       What’s happening October 5th?

On October 5th we’re broadcasting a 75 minute show where we discuss new solutions, extending capabilities in the Data Center and across Borderless Networks. 

2.       Doesn’t this also have some animated video or cartoon connected to it?

Yes, as part of this launch we thought we’d bring a fun element to introducing some of our newest technologies.  We’ve created a short, animated 3D film which is also being shown online in 2D. To enjoy the 3D experience we will send out 3D glasses for those who register to the event before Sept 22. 

3.       What type of challenge is this?

Don’t worry, you can participate from the comfort of your home or office – or wherever you like to hang out with your computer – as this isn’t a physical challenge. What we’re calling the Cisco Borderless Challenge is a competition where people from around the world will be tested on their Borderless Networks and Data Center/Virtualization knowledge. To play, you answer a set of questions, some of which are based on the film and some on the content of the broadcasted show.  In fact, we have a teaser video I’ve embedded below…:


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