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4 Practical IPv6 Lessons for the Enterprise

There’s a lot of news about IPv6 these days, even in the pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. That may come as a surprise if you haven’t being paying attention to the Service Provider market or recent US Federal regulations or European Union recommendations. What’s going on?

Well, the public Internet is going to run out of IP addresses. Predictions as to when that will happen vary but it could be as soon as 2011 for prefixes from IANA.  But when it does, the Internet is going to keep working – it’s not going to grind to a halt. However, expansion – new devices, new people, new places, new applications – is another matter. And there’s where IPv6 comes in. The massive address space offered by IPv6 offers an almost unlimited capacity for growth, so, after a long time in the lab/trial phase, it looks like IPv6 is finally going mainstream.

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IPv6 History: First YouTube videos streamed on IPv6 at Cisco Live! Barcelona

Attendees at last week’s Cisco Live! event in Barcelona had the very special opportunity to experience a ground-breaking moment for IPv6 deployment.  Cisco streamed a sneak preview of YouTube videos, for the very first time, over the event’s IPv6 network for all the attendees to view!

As with all “firsts” there is an interesting story behind the scenes, and this case is no different.

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How Internet standards are born: Part 3

In our third and final interview with Cisco standards experts, I talked with Andrew Myles. He is focused on wireless standards and interoperability activities, with a distinct Wi-Fi bias.

Andrew has contributed to standardisation activities in the IEEE 802.11 Working Group since 2001. He was the Editor of IEEE 802.11h (Spectrum Management) and is currently the Chairman of the IEEE 802.11 JTC1 ad hoc committee and the 802 Liaison to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6. Andrew has been involved in certification activities in the Wi-Fi Alliance since 2003. He became a Director of the Wi-Fi Alliance in 2004 and Chairman of its Board of Directors in 2006. Within Cisco, Andrew has a standards coordination role with WRSTG, with a particular responsibility for IEEE standards matters and an interest in international standards policy matters.

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Networking in 2010 and Beyond — 3 Mega-Trends

Every year, global research firm IDC issues a new set of predictions that drive their view of technology advancements and adoption – not just over the coming year, but also their five-year forecast horizon. I recently attended IDC’s virtual conference focused on their outlook for networking. While IDC’s research is the place to go to view their specific predictions and forecasts, I thought I would offer my own thoughts on some of the mega-trends I see not only behind IDC’s predictions for enterprise networks in general, but also Cisco’s own Borderless Networks initiative.

So what are these mega-trends driving the future of networking?

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How Internet standards are born: Part 2

Continuing from where I left off in my conversation with Eliot Lear, I recently talked with Fred Baker, another Cisco standards expert, about the ins and outs of network standards development. Fred has been in the networking industry for over 30 years, and has held numerous positions within the IETF, one of the major Internet standards bodies. He chaired the organization from 1996-2001 and currently chairs the working group on IPv6 operations. Here, Fred answers my questions and gives us a sneak peek into how standards critical to the Internet and network technology are made.

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