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[Curtain Raiser] It’s here! The brand new Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2

Hundreds of engineers. Multi-year development cycles. Global talent pool. The challenge? How do you take something very very successful and raise the bar? How do you deliver more value? We’re talking about the Cisco Integrated Services Router family with over 7 million sold in less than 5 years, possibly the best selling network router ever.

The approach? By listening to our customers Looking at the business trends. By seeing where networks are headed over the next 3-5 years. By getting the big picture. And by building a platform that helps our customers to innovate and grow their business. Increase efficiency, collaboration, productivity and responsiveness. Securely. Seamlessly. Reliably. Help our customers deliver richer experiences to their customers and drive loyalty.

The result? A spankin’ new Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) family. Upto 5 times more performance as the original ISR, at similar pricepoints. Enablng new experiences, some tickling the imagination. Getting ready for the future, now.


The first proofpoint for Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture, helping turn vision into a reality one step at a time.

The ISR G2 is architected for video-delivery from ground-up. Video-based collaboration, video surveillance, streaming video, webex. Better collaboration. Higher productivity. Reduced travel costs.  A proofpoint for medianet.

It revolutionizes how services are delivered to branch offices. Truly. No more shipping hardware modules every time a new service has to be rolled out to the premise. Ship your hardware once. Deploy any software on new Services Ready Engines to any branch office, anytime. Sweet.

Cost reduction? Yes. In its DNA. Energy savings. Power efficiency. The choice to intelligently control power consumption. Headroom for future growth. Investment protection. All affirmative.

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Ignite bright young minds with Borderless Networks

Education is such a fundamental aspect of how individuals are shaped. I still remember my third or fourth grade teachers who created such an impression on me and shaped my thoughts early on, probably much more so than the professors I had in the University.  

As technology pervades the classroom environment, learning experiences are going to evolve.  A single experience can be life-changing and motivate students to choose careers of their choices – whether they become more interested in science or arts, depends on what stimulates them early on.

And so, we continue the journey right here on the Innovations blog, as we get ready for our October 20th event.  Earlier this week we talked about bringing doctors to your doorsteps. Now, we look at an “out-of-the-world” learning experience for these bright young minds.   



If we could bring in the best teachers, offer the best courses to students regardless of location, or what strata of society they belong to, it will amplify the impact of education.

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Bring the doctor to your doorstep with Borderless Networks

Remember when you were a little kid and were dared by your friends to stick pennies up your nose or swallowed one lying around?  That was a parent’s nightmare!  Luckily technology has advanced over the years and these are “simple” problems to solve, but one can never take chances when the well being of a family member is involved. Access to quality medical care in a timely manner is extremely important.

Now, imagine what your network can do to enable this.



How do you tap into global expertise? How do you bring the “doctor to your doorstep”? And how do you do it without compromising on the quality of healthcare?

These are problems we face today, and Cisco is here to help resolve them.

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[Cisco Developer Contest] The Winners!

Today we are very excited to unveil the winners of our yearlong AXP developer contest.  In this video, Sue Bostrom, executive vice president and chief marketing officer and Marie Hattar, vice president of Network Systems and Security Solutions at Cisco, announce the winners of the Cisco “Think Inside the Box” developer contest in this video.





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Going shopping? Get onto the Borderless Network

Guys, imagine taking your wives out shopping and actually enjoying it. And ladies, what would you do to get rid of all the changing rooms and optimize your shopping time…now, wouldn’t that be FUN?

We’re all having a little fun as we march towards October 20th, when Cisco will unveil its architectural vision for Borderless Networks, along with a cool new Innovation that begins to enable some of these experiences. Check this cool video out:

Register here to attend Cisco’s virtual event on October 20th at 11:00 a.m. PST to get a first look at the new technologies Cisco is creating. If you are in other timezones or dimensions, don’t sweat. We are hosting this event across three different timezones. So pick that one that suits you best.

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