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Cybersecurity Action at the White House

Perhaps you work for a company, the public sector (like a government agency or a hospital) or a small business.  Or perhaps you are currently not in the workforce. No matter what your profession, your instincts may tell you that cybersecurity is personally important to you. You’ll be happy to learn that many citizens and organizations around the world, including the United States federal government, are working towards a common goal to make cyberspace a safer place. My visit last week to the White House to attend a national cybersecurity event further confirmed this notion.

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Approaching the Gate: Meet your I-Prize Finalists

We’d like to introduce you to three of the nine final teams in Cisco’s global I-Prize competition gunning for the $250,000 grand prize!

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Infonetics’ Top 5 Priorities for Borderless Networks

In a recent Innovation blog, I discussed the genesis of Borderless Networks at Cisco and traced the path of technology advances that have served this vision over the last year. To offer another perspective on trends affecting today’s networks, I’d like to point readers to an Infonetics Research whitepaper on Borderless Networks.

Infonetics begins by citing some key “mistakes” being made by organizations looking to take best advantage of the rapid technological changes that are transforming the face of communications and collaboration. Network designers who react to each change or new requirement by adding new equipment and services in a piecemeal approach are struggling to keep pace. Network operators who are faced with testing, deploying, and managing a growing base of networking devices and users are unable to take advantage of the operational economies of consolidated systems, consistent services, and central policies. Network planners who have limited visibility and control over network conditions – present and future – face significant challenges in meeting onrushing IT and business demands.

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Meet the Cisco I-Prize finalists! Mydoctor, Rhinnovation, and Tigers teams

We’d like to introduce you to the Mydoctor, Rhinnovation, and Tigers teams, three of nine final teams in Cisco’s global I-Prize competition gunning for the $250,000 grand prize.

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Meet the Cisco I-Prize finalists! Team Tigers

Traffic management innovation for congested cities

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