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While I was at Cisco Live 2011, I took a few minutes to interview Jason Davis a Cisco Distinguished Services Engineer who was on the team managing the Cisco Live Network Operations Center (NOC).

Jason and his team were engaged in all aspects of the Cisco Live NOC design, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.  I asked Jason to provide some highlights about the amazing results from the NOC and talk about the Cisco Prime network management solutions used in the NOC.

Jason and his teammate Joe Clarke a Cisco Distinguished Services Engineer, also presented a NOC summary session on the last day of Cisco Live. The session presentation is posted on the Cisco Live virtual portal

Watch this short video to hear Jason’s summary about the Cisco Live NOC. Then continue reading for a list of NOC statistics and more information about Cisco Prime network management solutions in the NOC.


Cisco Live NOC amazing statistics and highlights:

Cisco Prime innovative network management played a major role in all Cisco Live NOC activities. Cisco Prime highlights:

Advice from Jason about staging the NOC in Las Vegas, during the summer rain and 100+ temperatures.

Do you have a question for Jason or Joe about the Cisco Live NOC and network management?  If so, please submit it below and I’ll query them for an answer.

To watch more Cisco Prime and Cisco network management videos please visit the new Cisco Network Management YouTube channel at

To learn more about Cisco Prime network management please visit

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