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Transforming the way business is conducted in North Africa

- July 12, 2010 - 0 Comments

The deployment of Cisco TelePresence can be increased significantly throughout the sub-Saharan African region with the arrival of submarine cables, which now offer high bandwidth at attractive prices. Cisco’s vision is to be the leading enabler of ICT and broadband acceleration in emerging markets through innovative, scalable, high-value technology offerings and solutions such as Cisco TelePresence. This solution will not only transform the way business is conducted in North Africa but also help make vital services like healthcare and education more accessible to those who need them most.” Anthony Vonsee, managing director for Cisco North Africa Levant

Working in Emerging Markets at Cisco requires us to stay in touch with our employees, customers and partners across 132 countries in the region.   I am excited to see so many TelePresence solutions being deployed in our region as it allows us to be connected.   TelePresence has literally changed my work life as it allows me to have face-to-face meetings with employees and customers in many remote locations.  The time zones are still a challenge but the ability to collaborate and connect has become so much simpler.   TelePresence really enables the human network.  And now, I have created a new term to describe TelePresence before 7 am,  my colleagues will often hear me say that I am “Tele-lagged” as I often have sessions at 4:00 am but it sure beats jet lag.

I was so inspired to hear that we can now connect with employees, customers and partners in Morocco and Tunis with the new TelePresence solutions that are now readily available.

Cisco’s Casablanca office is the first business premise in Morocco to use face-to-face Cisco meeting solution to bridge distance and reduce travel costs   In Morocco, Cisco TelePresence will be able to offer more than just a virtual meeting experience for businesses. For healthcare professionals, for example, Cisco TelePresence will make it easier and more convenient for clinicians to collaborate, regardless of location, thereby improving both the timeliness and quality of care delivered. For patients, TelePresence facilitates access to physicians and specialists from remote locations. Cisco TelePresence is also ideal for applications of telemedicine such as specialist or radiologist consults.

Likewise, for educational establishments, Cisco TelePresence Classroom will help transform the learning environment, providing a means to bring education to remote locations and also connect with colleges, institutions and tutors from around the world.

Hassan Bahej general manager for Cisco Morocco is confident that “in the very near future many more organizations in Morocco and across North Africa will be deploying the Cisco TelePresence solution.”

Unveiled in Cisco’s Tunis offices last week, the Cisco TelePresence solution offers a live, face-to-face experience that enables people from different offices and cities around the world to meet virtually using the power of the network.  For businesses in North Africa, Cisco TelePresence will bridge geographical divides, by enabling highly secure virtual meetings with multiple locations inside or outside the corporate firewall. Ultimately, the solution will help to save costs and boost productivity by reducing travel and will facilitate a greener company environment by reducing its carbon footprint.  

As other businesses in Tunisia adopt Cisco TelePresence, an expert on investment products based in a Tunis bank, for example, will be able to have face-to-face private meetings with customers in Mahdia and Sousse without having to travel a long distance. Similarly, a geological data analyst for an exploration company will be able meet face-to-face with several teams in London, New York and Bangalore in one day and still attend to personal commitments.

Adel Dahmani general manager for Cisco Tunisia shares:

“In today’s climate, when companies are looking at better ways to conduct business efficiently whilst also keeping a firm control on travel costs, Cisco TelePresence offers the perfect solution. Cisco employees in Tunis are already enjoying the benefits and cost savings that Cisco TelePresence offers, and we aim to also utilize this installation in our Tunis offices as a pilot to allow our business partners and customers across the region the opportunity to experience the power of Cisco TelePresence.”

    Emerging technologies, like TelePresnce, have the ability to create more meaningful dialogue and conversations between people in different locations.   It also allows for greater diversity of opinion to be shared as everyone in a TelePresence meeting has a voice.

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