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Sam Rizvi attempts to become first Indian to Ride Across America… with Cisco

We are sponsoring Indian endurance cyclist Samim Rizvi in his quest to become the first Indian to ride from West to East Coast.  The race started on Wed June 9th in Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis, Maryland – and has to be completed in 12 days.   That said, Sam is trying to knock this off in 9…   Bay area-based blogger and journalist Kamla Bhatt spoke to Sam just before the start of the race and he explains what this race is all about, how he trained for this (riding on bumpy roads in India) and exactly why he wanted to get involved in this enterprise in the first place.  Sam is probably India’s leading endurance athlete and has run halfway across India in the past.

Listen to the podcast here:


Here’s a direct link to the podcast as well.

And there’s more info on Sam’s website throughout the race: 


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