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Four Interesting Uses of the Internet of Everything

Yesterday we held an Internet of Everything (IoE) Panel session at Cisco Live! in Melbourne, and have come away inspired by the innovative ways that this hyper-connected network is being used in Australia.

From manufacturing and transport, to agricultural and environmental initiatives, the Internet of Everything is helping business across all industries adapt to the Internet era – and ensure they remain relevant in the global digital economy race for many years to come.

Cisco’s Internet of Everything research shows that if we can intelligently connect people, data, process and things, we can generate significant value for economies, industries and organisations. Indeed, it estimates the ‘Value at Stake’ (VAS) for the private/public sector to be $14.4T/$4.6T respectively over the next 10 years. You can read about the potential value for the public sector in our white paper here, and the potential value to the private sector here.

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Cisco ANZ State of the Business Update at Cisco Live!

At Cisco Live! in Melbourne the media were briefed by Ken Boal, the VP of Australia and New Zealand, as well as Geoff Lawrie, who heads up Cisco’s NZ business on the state of the business in the region. Ken and Geoff talked about where Cisco is at the moment, but most importantly, where it is heading.

The biggest talking point at the briefing was the Internet of Everything and Ken Boal took some time to explain how this looked for Cisco. The business is making both a horizontal and vertical play for the Internet of Everything. In the vertical sense, it is a matter of stepping back and saying “What does a digital bank look like?” or “What do we need to create a virtual university?” and working with partners to create a holistic solution to make it happen.

In the horizontal sense, Cisco has been looking at aspects of the value chain that could apply across different industries. Activity Based Working (ABW) is a key example. According to Ken, Australia is leading the world in the adoption of ABW concepts. It is an area that Cisco is working on with a number of partners and customers in the region.

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Growing from Strength to Strength in the Data Centre in ANZ

At Cisco Live! yesterday, Courtney Dodds, Manager of the ANZ Data Centre portfolio, hosted a press conference where he highlighted some of the fantastic work we are doing in the data centre here in Australia and New Zealand.

We were also honoured to have Soni Jiandani, Senior Vice President of our Insieme Networks Business Unit, talk about some of the opportunities we see in the data centre over the next 18 months – primarily in the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) space

2014 is shaping up to be a similarly exciting year for the data centre team and our integration with Insieme Networks will see us continue to roll out Application Centric Infrastructure.  ACI is, as the name suggests, and application-centric approach to managing your infrastructure. It provides simplified automation and centralised visibility in real-time with application health monitoring.

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Lifestyle Working Collins Street: a new way of working

On March 18th, at Cisco Live! we had the pleasure of taking media to our own Smart Connected Building at Lifestyle Working Collins Street.

The Lifestyle Working Building on Collins Street, Melbourne, is an astonishing union of modern architecture, intelligent networking and interior design. What makes this space special is that all of the IT systems as well as  the elevators, lights, CCTV, Cisco Wi-Fi Access Points and Cisco IP Phones are converged on the Cisco intelligent network. This means that all the different building systems can be operated, monitored and controlled by the network. The result is much “greener” operations with more efficient use of electricity and an overall reduced carbon footprint.

Consider this example: with all office devices connected to the central network, a “policy” can be set up which enables all idle devices after a certain time (e.g. 6pm) to be switched off. Of course if people are working late, then rules can be set up to ensure devices within the proximity of an active access point remain operational.

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Cisco Recognises Its Outstanding Australian and New Zealand Partners

Cisco acknowledges excellence in its partner community at the ANZ Partner Insight Awards

Last night, Cisco awarded teams and individuals from 11 Cisco Australia and New Zealand Partners across 15 categories in the annual Cisco Partner Insight Awards.

Partners were recognised for their innovation, leadership and best practice as a Cisco business partner across categories ranging from Internet of Everything Partner of the Year, Vertical Solution Innovation Partner of the Year, Cloud Partner of the Year and Business Transformation Partner of the Year through to Excellence in Solutions Delivery and Teaming.

“Cisco continues to be a business that is reliant and committed to its partners,” says Jason Brouwers, director of the Partner Business Group for Cisco® Australia and New Zealand. “We strive to support our partners to help them build their business, and as such we are proud to recognise those who have demonstrated the highest achievement in 2013.”

The full list of 2013 Cisco ANZ Partner Insight Award winners can be viewed in the media release here.