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Latin America reconsiders its infrastructure needs

Last week the World Economic Forum on Latin America was held in the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias, in the transformed Colombia.  It closed with a call for the region not to be complacent and redouble efforts to pursue economic and social reforms and at the same time deepen regional integration.

Despite all the optimism about the bright future of the region and the way Latin America has successfully weathered the crisis, most of the leaders called out for action and concrete decisions to secure the way forward for millions of Latin Americans.

Technology and the role of ICT for the future of the region was a key topic discussed and debated in most of the public and private sessions around infrastructure, education, health care and even political stability.

This year the theme of the summit was “New Partnership for a Sustainable Recovery”. The meeting brought together over 500 leaders from more than 42 countries, representing business, government, academia, civil society and media.

Jaime Valles, Cisco vice president for Latin America, gives his perspectives on the major themes raised at WEF in Cartagena (English)

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Cisco Networkers Bahrain 2010 … What A Great Show

Cisco Networkers Bahrain was a fascinating event that left its attendees overwhelmed with the experience. Almost everyone we’ve spoken to was taken away with the many successful aspects of the event that took place from 28 to 31 of March. Attendees, however, were very pleased with one particular takeaway – the wealth of knowledge and that they came out with toward the end.

Whether it was through meeting Cisco executives, engineers or partners, Cisco Networkers Bahrain was an ideas and solutions oasis; where great mind collaborated and shared knowledge, expertise and best practices. Not forgetting to mention, they also had plenty of fun.

So, if you haven’t made it to Networkers this year, click on the “READ MORE” link below for a few snap shots of some of what you have missed. 

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Better City, Better Life: Cisco Showcases Smart+Connected Communities at World Expo 2010 in Shanghai


Besides the FIFA World Cup in June, there’s another global event taking place which is expected to attact the attention of millions. That event is World Expo 2010 in the city of Shanghai in China.

Running from May 1, to October 31, 2010, 70 million people are expected to attend the six month long fair.

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On-Stage TelePresence First Middle East Debut at Cisco Networkers Bahrain 2010

One of the exciting events we had happening at Cisco Networkers Bahrain was the live keynote session, this event featured Cisco’s Executive Vice President of Cisco Services and Chief Globalization Officer, Wim Elfrink, joined by His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Atteyat Allah Al-Khalifa, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Government of Bahrain and for the first time in the Middle East, Cisco’s Senior Vice President of Emerging Technologies, Marthin De Beer, but Marthin was not in the Middle East yesterday, he was in San Jose.

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And Cisco Networkers Bahrain Begins

Today begins the first full day of Cisco Networkers Bahrain 2010. We have transformed the Bahrain International Circuit into Cisco Land and it looks amazing. Attendees are arriving, collecting their badges and are off to technical seminars, labs, case studies and of course the most exciting thing, tonight is the Keynote!

Executive Vice President, Cisco Services and Chief Globalization Officer, Wim Elfrink will be speaking and joined onstage by His Excellency, Shaikh Ahmed bin Atteyatallah Al Khalifa, Minister of Cabinet Affairs. Together they will speak of the vision for Bahrain 230 and conduct an innovative technology demonstration.

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