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Transforming the Copper Industry

Howard Charney, Cisco’s senior vice president, visited Chile last week to participate as a key note speaker at the IT Codelco seminar, where key technology providers analyzed and discussed with the Codelco management team how technology and innovation is helping to solve some of the challenges of the mining industry in Chile and how to multiply its productivity. Codelco is the main copper producer in the world, and the event took place in Calama city, where the Chuquicamata and Radomiro Tomic mines are located.

During his presentation Howard Charney talked about “IT Trends and their Impact on Business and Society” describing the impact of ICT on development, productivity and quality of life. “The smart world is about the total diffusion of IP – not just to people but to places and things. Codelco is obviously a brilliant example of that. You are pioneers in GPS and RFID, mobile applications, wireless technologies, robotics, video, and virtualization.  Well, going forward that kind of sophistication is going to become widespread in every sector of the economy”, said Charney.

Charney visited the Radomiro Tomic mine, which has actually been merged with Chuquicamata, becoming the biggest open pit mines of the world. The mine uses a Cisco Wireless Mesh solution to connect and centrally manage its operations.

Howard describes, on site at the Radomiro Tomic mine, how information technology is increasing the efficiency of its operations:


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Why You Won’t Want to Tangle With Teacher over IT in Sri Lanka

Despite often being billed as paradise, the nation of Sri Lanka has not always had it easy. A 25-year-long civil war and the 2004 tsunami are among the tragedies that have beset the country.

So it is good to report that Sinhalese children, at least, will soon benefit from top-notch IT teaching thanks to an initiative involving the Cisco Networking Academy.

The initiative, taking place now at the Ruwanpura National College of Education for Information and Communication Technology, involves giving classroom teachers a Networking Academy-based crash course in IT and networking.

It follows government moves to move the country forward following the end of the war and kicked off last year, which was the year of IT and English in Sri Lanka.

The Sinhalese government feels technology skills are such a high priority for its teachers that it has made the college an IT teacher training center only, and changed its name (previously it was called the Ruwanpura National College of Education) at an inauguration attended by the President.

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Role of Technology in the Development of Sustainable Megacities in Asia

Southeast Asia has one of the world’s fastest urbanization rates at 3.1% annually. 11 of the world’s 19 megacities are already in Asia. Over the next fifteen years, 350 million people will move to China’s large urban centers. As a result, 221 cities in China will have a population of 1 million or larger. Today, the whole of Europe only has 35 cities this big.

How will Asia’s rapidly growing urban centers adapt their infrastructure and mobility models to manage their vulnerability to climate change?

This was the question posed to experts on the panel session entitled: “Megacities – the making of sustainable marketplaces of the future”.

Munish Khetrapal, Cisco’s head of Smart+Connected Communities in Asia, spoke about how the network can become the platform to help cities solve these problems.

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East Asia Ponders Sustainable Future at WEF on East Asia regional event

The World Economic Forum on East Asia opened today, Sunday June 6, 2010, in Ho Chih Minh City, with all of the Asian leaders committing to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability. Technology, in particular, networking technology, can be the crucial ingredient to help these fast growing countries achieve their goals.

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Cisco Entrepreneur Institute Arrives to Azerbaijan

With the start of the new academic season in fall 2010, young entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn about strategic business planning, venture capital relationships, funding and investment and the use the information and communications technologies (ICT) at the newly established Cisco Entrepreneur Institute in the capital city Baku.

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