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Making Inroads into the Internet of Everything: Linfox

- September 19, 2013 - 0 Comments

Linfox is an iconic Australian logistics company that is investing in technologies to connect sensors and devices that were previously stand-alones. This is allowing the company to undertake some fantastic analysis into the reliability and performance of its fleet of over 5,000 vehicles across Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Every single truck in the fleet has been fitted with connected devices that sense speed as well as accelerometers which pick up abnormal swerves, acceleration and deceleration. This allows the company to know what is happening with any vehicle at any time. As well as monitoring speed and vehicle behaviour, refrigerated vehicles are fitted with devices that provide Linfox with information about the vehicle’s temperature. These devices provide readings on the temperature at a certain point in time and also whether a container was consistently cooled to the correct temperature.

There is also a plethora of other sensors and devices that Linfox is employing to ensure it has the clearest picture possible of its fleet. All trailers are fitted with GPS sensors that allow the company to see where they are at any given time. Drivers are given Android devices which run a custom built Android application, to provide drivers with information and enable Proof of Delivery forms to be electronically signed.

With all of this data at their fingertips, Linfox has developed a world first communications hub to manage and analyse the information. The communications hub combines satellite telephony, mobile telephony and industrial Wi-Fi with a business rules engine sitting on top. The communications hub is constantly fed with data from the trucks and drivers, but if bandwidth is limited, then the hub will prioritise mission-critical data for processing.

It goes without saying that having this level of connectivity results in a fleet that is infinitely more efficient as well as providing an invaluable amount of information about operations. Weak points are able to be identified and problems solved through simple analysis. Linfox is at the forefront of the Internet of Everything in Australia and across the Asia-Pac region

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