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Lifestyle Working Collins Street: a new way of working

- March 18, 2014 - 0 Comments

On March 18th, at Cisco Live! we had the pleasure of taking media to our own Smart Connected Building at Lifestyle Working Collins Street.

The Lifestyle Working Building on Collins Street, Melbourne, is an astonishing union of modern architecture, intelligent networking and interior design. What makes this space special is that all of the IT systems as well as  the elevators, lights, CCTV, Cisco Wi-Fi Access Points and Cisco IP Phones are converged on the Cisco intelligent network. This means that all the different building systems can be operated, monitored and controlled by the network. The result is much “greener” operations with more efficient use of electricity and an overall reduced carbon footprint.

Consider this example: with all office devices connected to the central network, a “policy” can be set up which enables all idle devices after a certain time (e.g. 6pm) to be switched off. Of course if people are working late, then rules can be set up to ensure devices within the proximity of an active access point remain operational.

The building also utilises solar as a viable and established energy source within the design. A significant proportion of the core building energy requirements are supported by an allocation of solar panels from the roof.

One of the key messages that Ed Horton, founder and director of the Lifestyle working brand, was keen to stress at the media launch was that Lifestyle Working is a concept of “challenging convention.” He said that they asked themselves “Do we need air conditioning? or can we passively ventilate” or “Do we need 450 lux brightness throughout the whole office all the time?”

Apart from the environmental advantages, the site also promotes a new way of working. Dubbed by the building managers as “lifestyle working”, the layout of the floors is based on the principle that improving the life and productivity of staff will improve the bottom line of the business as well. The layout features many open common areas and very few designated desks. Even unique amenities, such as electric scooters to get around, are the norm for this building’s tenants.

Lifestyle Working Collins Street is home to a large number of SME renting and owning occupants. The occupants are typically attracted to both the “green” aspect of the building for both ethical and financial reasons, but also for the camaraderie and community type vibe that the office fosters. In fact there is even a sign at the entrance that instructs visitors that there is “No Attitude” allowed in the Lifestyle Working Collins Street building.

Combine the hi-tech ‘guts’ of the building with the modern and architecturally impressive layout of the building and you get a fantastic glimpse of what the everyday office will look like in the very near future. Cisco is excited to see how the rise in popularity of buildings such as these promotes this new way of working.

For images of the media tour please follow this link.

From left to right: Danny Flynn, Founding Director of The Stable Group, Dominic Morrow, Director and Owner of All IT Services and Ed Horton, Founding Director of The Stable Group.

From left to right: Danny Flynn, Founding Director of The Stable Group, Dominic Morrow, Director and Owner of All IT Services and Ed Horton, Founding Director of The Stable Group.

Lifestyle Working Collins  Street

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