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Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East Turns Two

- December 22, 2009 - 5 Comments

Two years ago, the company took a bold decision to make a move toward the Eastern side of the planet.

The move was manifested by a high-tech, green and state of the art campus built in Bangalore. Top senior executives took the leap of faith and moved their entire lives half way across the world in what could easily be labeled as an adventure of their life time. Their task wasn’t easy. They had the responsibility of redefining the way the company does business on a global scale.

Up to a few years ago, innovation followed a traditional west-to-east direction. The formula was simple. The ‘West’ comes up with the idea, builds a prototype, sends the blue print to the ‘East’ to turn it into a product and goes back to the ‘West’ for consumption.

With Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East, we aimed to redefine that notion.  

In the past few years, we have experienced a spectacular paradigm shift in the way we approach innovation and disruptive models. We started seeing our customers rolling out highly innovative projects in counties that are still considered developing and emerging economies, such as  QatarIndiaChinaKoreaMexico, and many more; projects that are so significant in terms of technology, magnitude and level of public-private partnership, one could assume such projects would only happen in developed economies.

But no, not anymore at least. Today, western decision makers are looking east bound for ideas and to get closer to the growth, innovation and talent that is coming out of emerging economies. Exploring ideas that were born in Bangalore. Adopting strategies such as such as Smart+Connected Communities, that can help them bring profitability to their businesses, prosperity to their communities and sustainability to their environment and natural resources.

As we reach to the end of the first decade of this millennia and Cisco’s 25th Anniversary year, here is to a happy second anniversary for the Globalisation Centre East, and for continued innovation.