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Australia Has the Potential to Become a Leader in Internet of Everything with an Increased Focus on Building Skills in IT and Entrepreneurship

As the Internet of Everything revolution takes place around the world with new “things” being connected to the Internet at an exponential rate, Australia is at risk of being left behind, according to Professor Mary-Anne Williams, Director of Innovation at University of Technology, Sydney who spoke at Cisco’s recent Internet of Everything panel discussion in Sydney (see highlights below).

Australia lags behind many parts of the world in terms of Internet of Everything (IoE) capabilities with only moderate levels of IT innovation, an IoE track record in a handful of early adopting industries (versus a wide-ranging number of industries) and low IoE optimism by IT and business leaders survey in the Cisco IoE Value at Stake Index. In fact, Australia falls behind developing nations like Brazil, India and China, and given the rate at which these economies are growing, the situation is only likely to get worse unless Australia makes changes to improve our IoE readiness. And this must start at the root of the problem, with education.

Professor Williams discussed the importance of creating leaders. Whilst improving the technical skills of IT students is relatively simple to achieve, academic institutions also need to look at how they can foster a culture of entrepreneurship, where leaders can sense opportunity, understand opportunity, exploit opportunity and ultimately extract the value of opportunity which will set Australia towards a path of Internet of Everything dominance.

The Internet of Everything is here, the technology exists. It is now a matter of developing the people who can bridge the entrepreneurial skills gap in order to reap the benefits in what really is a transformational period in society. Universities like Mary-Anne Williams’ University of Technology, Sydney are already looking at how they can better develop the leaders that are going to make Australia an IoE powerhouse.

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