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Colorado Springs Provides Nursing Education to Rural Community

Rural communities are increasingly losing trained professionals to larger cities where up-to-date education & certification are more accessible. The Smart+Connected Community in Action video case study on Colorado Springs takes us to a smart+connected community in rural Colorado that is working with the bigger city of Denver to address this important issue.  

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Telepresence Helps Cut Costs and Add Value to Summer School Instruction

For most students, summer school may not be the most glamorous way to spend the treasured sun-drenched days of the long-awaited summer vacation. But, summer school classes provide enrichment opportunities for many students, as well as crucial remedial instruction for students who have fallen behind during the school year.

Unfortunately, according to the New York Times, schools increasingly have to cut summer school funding to make up for budget shortfalls. In some districts principals and teachers have offered to work without pay, while other schools have shut down summer programs altogether. Read More »

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Pro Football Hall of Famers Reach Students Through Telepresence

Heart of a Hall of FamerWith the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2011 Enshrinement coming up next weekend, and the lockout over, I think it’s great timing to highlight what the Pro Football Hall of Fame is doing for students around the world.

How many times during your grade school years did you come face to face with one of your celebrity idols? Most of us probably can’t attest to more interaction with our famous role models than seeing their faces on posters or interviews on television. Thanks to telepresence, however, today’s students have a different story to tell.

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The Superintendents Speak Up – Mooresville Concludes “Summer Connection 2011”

“You see, we know what’s possible for our children when reform isn’t just a top-down mandate, but the work of local teachers and principals, school boards and communities.” 

Superintendent Panel on the closing day of Summer Connection 2011.

With these and 1,000 other words on education contained within his second State of the Union address on January 25th, 2011, President Obama signaled a renewed focus on learning in which the Federal government supports grass roots success movements. 

He just may have been thinking about the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD), in North Carolina. 

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Teachers Speak Up at Mooresville Schools’ Summer Connections

MGSD Superintendent, Dr. Mark Edwards addresses the attendees at the Summer Connections 2011 Conference.

They came from all over the country, 400+ attendees from 19 states, to live and learn the lessons from Mooresville’s Schools successful technology initiative, tabbed their “Digital Conversion”.

The setting? The Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD)  “Summer Connections 2011” program, a three day symposium aimed at helping other school districts understand what and how Mooresville has changed their district’s future through the use of implementing technology on a well-planned, thoughtful scale.

It even caught the attention of the U.S. Department of Education, among those in attendance.

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