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Recently, Paul Lanyi and Irene Sandler of Cisco sat down with Dr. Susan Holliday, executive director, Technology & Information Services at Capistrano Unified School District in San Juan Capistrano, CA to discuss how enterprise video content solutions are helping schools use video in new ways. Their conversation, Is Video Training Better Than Being There? delved into the specifics of:

A year ago, Capistrano was leveled with budget cuts, directly affecting teacher professional development programs for the 4,000 employees across 56 campuses in southern California. Dr. Holliday explained how Capistrano uses Cisco solutions—Show and Share, WebEx and TelePresence—live and on demand for professional development purposes, in addition to teacher-student classroom activities.

At Capistrano, Cisco’s Enterprise Video Content solutions are not only further connecting students with their teachers, but teachers with their students’ parents. Paul noted that Cisco’s solutions in the classroom bring a whole new meaning to the common dinner table question, “what did you learn in school today?” Now, parents have the ability to monitor and evaluate how their children are learning and excelling. One mother even virtually attended a field trip!

And with Pulse Video Analytics, students can further pace their learning. Pulse Analytics recognizes voices, keywords, vocabulary, enabling users to find snippets and to browse topics, essentially scanning the content of what’s within the video. Dr. Holliday says, “If students aren’t in the four walls of a classroom, they still have the opportunity to be social, collaborative and to work as a team – all skills needed for the real world.”

How would you use Cisco’s Enterprise Video Content solutions to improve learning in your classroom?

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