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Do you work in a multi-lingual workplace?

“Data realised from last month’s American Community Survey show that the percentage of people aged five and over who speak Spanish at home increased from 10.7% in 2000 to 12.1% in 2009.”

Are you aware of the number of people in your workplace who can speak different languages? Share your thoughts below.

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We didn’t get here by always being right.

Listening to two scientists on TV recently, it struck me how unproductive always being right can be.

Highly knowledgeable and experienced, both held valid points of view, rooted in evidence. But because each were so engaged in being right, in challenging the others’ position, they went round in circles. Entrenched in their own narrative they couldn’t see anything else. The certainty that came from their knowledge and experience hindered them.

Always being right won’t move us forward. Because people rooted in their own rightness can sometimes shut down discussion and lose out on new perspectives and ideas, leaving no room for movement.

To keep an open mind is to rise above polarities and to see other perspectives. The reward is significant: richer, warmer and collaborative—not competitive—conversations.

At Cisco, the different perspectives of our people are the bridge between our existing practices and beliefs—what we do and think now—and what we could be in the future. The next time you are involved in a discussion, take a few seconds out to see if new ideas and perspectives are being shared…

I’m not suggesting you go out of your way to be wrong, just that you go out of your way not to be so right. Because by hearing different perspectives we can achieve More Together.

What affect is 24 hour news having on the perception of what is “foreign”?

“In multicultural societies the notion of “foreign” is more complex. For many in the UK, news about Pakistan is home news. International and domestic news agendas have merged to a significant degree as we grapple with common issues such as climate change, migration or global trade,” Richard Sambrook, former director of BBC News and the World Service and global vice-chairman and chief content officer for PR firm Edelman.

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Are you familiar with New Years traditions around the world?

“[In France], it is considered unspeakably rude to fail to wish Bonne Année, usually followed by Meilleurs Voeux, to anybody you haven’t seen since December 31st…right up until the end of January.” Read More »

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Welcome to the Inclusion and Diversity Blog!

Did you spot the bear?

Welcome to the newest addition to the Cisco blog family -- the Inclusion and Diversity blog! With this blog, we aim to facilitate and re-ignite the conversation around “spotting the bear”.

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