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Business Lessons we can learn from the London 2012 Paralympic Games

While the news is buzzing with stories of the London 2012 Olympic Games, London is also looking forward to the 2012 Paralympic Games which start in less than 3 weeks. London has sold the most tickets for a Paralympic Games – a record 2.1 million surpasses the previous record of 1.8 million tickets sold for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. Read More »

Cisco Diversity Allies ‘Come Out’

What is the role that allies can play in workplace inclusion? Most commonly used in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (“LGBT”) community, the term allies refers to those who don’t identify as LGBT, but who share a commitment to inclusion for all, and who are eager to contribute to corporate inclusion efforts by advocating on behalf of under-represented workplace communities.

On August 2nd,  Cisco is co-sponsoring a free webinar called Allies ‘Come Out:’ Allies Are Changing the Face of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion. Moderated by Jennifer Brown of JBC, the webinar is from 1:00 to 2:15 pm EST.

The panel of diversity and leadership professionals will discuss the important role that allies have played in civil rights movements and the work that is underway globally for human rights, dignity and respect. Learn about Read More »

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Technology: I’m not sexy and you know it!

“Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval.” – Karl Marx

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Preparing Girls for Success Beyond School

“Doing great work means getting applause from some authority figures and criticism from others.” Tara Sophia Mohr’s recent article on the Huffington Post titled “The Dark Side of Girls’ Success in School” discusses how the skills needed to succeed in the workplace are often very different from the skills needed to succeed at school.

Mohr suggests the skills that girls master to succeed in school—“respect for and obedience of authority, careful rule following, people-pleasing and succeeding in an externally imposed framework” —are not the skills needed to be a leader, change-maker or innovator. Although girls now outperform boys in almost every subject at school and at almost every level of education in the US, that same level of success isn’t necessarily reflected in many workplaces.

She goes on to say, “To blaze a trail, women and men need to know how to experiment with their ideas when they are imperfect. They need an ability to take considered risks, challenge authority and respond to criticism with a thick skin.”

The article points out that boys are more likely to acquire these kinds of skills from their family and peers and having these skills is supported by male images in the media and popular culture.

Girls, Mohr states, are “learning a different story from the media and from school itself Read More »

Suffering in Silence

I was invited to attend the 20th birthday bash of the Employees’ Forum for Disability in London recently.  The host was Ruby Wax, a popular UK comedienne.

I didn’t know this prior to the event, but she has battled with repeated, severe bouts of clinical depression for many years.

Depression is one of the most silent, least visible afflictions that people can experience.  And the enduring stigma attached to mental health issues means that many people suffer in silence.

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