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Millennials Are Not From Mars

Having worked together with different generations, it’s obvious there are different styles of working and approaching situations. We heard a stat that by 2020, 50% of all US workers will be Millennials.  Even for us it’s hard to believe that it is only 7 years away.  What we wanted to explore today is with all these people coming into the workforce how can our managers / mentors in Cisco prepare themselves for these people.          Read More »

‘Celebrating & Supporting Individuality’

A Cisco colleague came to me recently and asked if she could talk to me about her daughter.  Having no children myself, I wasn’t sure how I could help.  She confided to me that she suspects her 13 year old may be lesbian, and that she had real worries about obstacles that her daughter may face.  Read More »

Healthy Mind

What image comes in to your mind when you think of mental health? And, does that change when you think of it in the workplace? There is still a substantial taboo on the subject and many  people are uncomfortable speaking about it largely due to a lack of informed knowledge. Read More »

XY: a new identity for men of the XXIst century?

In preparation for International Women’s Day, the March French edition of “Marie Claire” features a number of famous men wearing their day clothes, with one unusual detail: they are all wearing bright red stilettos, arguably the symbol of femininity. How did these men feel to be perched on such flashy high heels? Perhaps it connected them with their feminine side. How were these men perceived when posing in these shoes? Were they looked down upon, were they thought to be brave, or just silly? Read More »

Yahoo’s Ban on Working From Home

“To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side-by-side,” the memo said. “That is why it is critical that we are all present in our offices.” – Marissa Mayer, CEO Yahoo

A week before Telework Week, a week to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework anytime from March 4-8, 2013, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer made a decision to end remote work at Yahoo!, not even for one day a week. Read More »