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Last week this question popped up on Twitter, so I thought it might be helpful to pull all the responses together into a concise list.These are the ones that are frequently sighted for sharing information, problems and solutions with the broader community.

I’m sure we’ve missed many people, blogs or other great sites for information, so please help us by adding more in the comments. You can follow this via a Twitter list.

NOTE: The content on the blogs listed below are not official Cisco statements or opinions, but often contains in-depth technical details and experience from live UCS deployments. Official Cisco UCS content: such as Products, Case-Studies, Documentation, Developer Community is available via

Cisco Customers
@healthITGuy68 -- HeathITGuy blog (HealthCare)
@colovirt -- ColoVirt blog (Service Provider)
@ThomasMaurer -- Thomas Maurer Blog (Service Provider)
@joshobrien77 -- StaticNAT blog (Education)
@laneroush -- IT is what IT is blog (Real Estate)
@erickMoore - Should these Lights be Blinking? (Healthcare)
@mikestanley - Desktop Virtualization
@bigmike2002 (Insurance)
Cisco Engineers (in the field)
@JeffSaidSo -- JeffSaidSo blog -- Cisco Consulting SE
@bradhedlund -- Brad Hedlund blog -- Cisco Technical Solutions Architect
@CuriousLogic -- Carl Bradshaw blog -- Cisco Architect, Advanced Services
@mseanmcgee -- M. Sean McGee blog -- Cisco Consulting SE
@BradTerEick -- Cisco Consulting SE
@ccie5851 -- Cisco Technical Solutions Architect
@TJ_Cisco -- Cisco Technical Solutions Architect
@ericjaysimpson -- Cisco Consulting SE
@lbrescia -- Cisco Consulting SE
@dchosnek -- Cisco Consulting SE
@CiscoServerGeek -- Cisco Consulting SE
@salsdclist -- Cisco Product Sales Specialist
@ywiskerke -- Cisco Architect, Advanced Services
@asholomon -- Cisco Consulting Engineer,  Advanced Services
@soaringpil8 -- Cisco Product Sales Specialist -- Data Center / UCS
Cisco Channel Partners
@jeremywaldrop -- Jeremy Waldrop blog (Varrow)
@nash_j -- Jason Nash blog -- (Varrow)
@roidude -- By the Bell blog -- (INX)
@mvaughn25 -- Mark Vaughn’s blog -- (INX)
@mikebrownINX -- (INX)
@jonisick -- Define the Cloud blog -- (WorldWide Technologies -- WWT)
@chrisfendya -- (WorldWide Technologies -- WWT)
@bobolwig -- Bob Olwig’s blog -- (WorldWide Technologies -- WWT -- DC Services Lab Blog)
@robertquast -- (ePlus)
@colinmcnamara -- Colin McNamara blog -- (ePlus)
@UCS_dave -- Unified Computing blog (Firefly Communications)
@angryjesters -- (Nexus IS)
@mpyeager -- What’s This Got to Do with Storage? blog (Computacenter)
@kbhagat -- Karan Bhagat blog -- (Alliant Technologies)
@PaulSorgiovanni -- (Empired)
@rodos - Musings of Rodos blog -- (Alphawest)
@davidbarclay99 -- (Data#3)
@fifistargate -- (NTS)
Cisco Technology Partners
@aarondelp -- Aaron Delp blog (VCE)
@juicelsu009 -- Geaux Virtual blog (VCE)
@treylayton -- Ethernet Storage Guy blog (VCE)
@stevie_chambers -- View Yonder blog (VCE)
@ITVirtuality -- IT Virtuality blog (VCE)
@scott_lowe -- Scott Lowe blog (EMC vSpecialist)
@sakacc -- Virtual Geek blog (EMC vSpecialists)
EMC vSpecialist List (global team)
@vStewed - Virtual Storage Guy blog (NetApp)
@davidklem -- (NetApp)
@friea -- Virtualization blog (NetApp)
@That1GuyNick -- (NetApp)
Cisco Corporate
@tonyknowspower -- Cisco UCS Product Manager
@jamesatcisco -- Cisco UCS Product Manager
@jmichelmetz -- Cisco Product Marketing (FCoE)
@MSonUCS -- Cisco UCS Technical Marketing
@Cisco_UCS -- Cisco UCS Twitter feed
@ciscoDC -- Cisco Data Center (blog)
@abhinav_josh -- Cisco Cloud Strategist
@danhanso -- Cisco UCS Technical Marketing
@KashShaikh -- Cisco Data Center Marketing
@omarsultan -- Cisco Data Center Marketing
@aneel -- Cisco Data Center Marketing
@cloudclint -- Cisco Data Center Marketing
@sjschuchart -- Cisco Data Center Marketing
@TonyPaikeday -- Cisco Data Center Marketing -- VDI/VXI
@michaelcleonard -- Cisco Service Provider Marketing -- Managed Services
Independent Bloggers
@stu -- Stu’s Blog -- Wikibon
Other / Miscellaneous -- Cisco UCS Quick Links -- Simple iPhone Monitoring of Cisco UCS (for labs) -- Sal Collora (UCS Guy blog)

In an effort to keep conversations fresh, Cisco Blogs closes comments after 90 days. Please visit the Cisco Blogs hub page for the latest content.


  1. Hi,

    99999 Informatika is a Cisco Channel Partner in Hungary. Cisco ATP partner dealing with UCS and VMware Premier Solution Provider partner as well.

    twitter: @99999_hu

    best regards,

    99999 Informatika
    fivenines – the trademark of availability


  2. You can add me if you like… @jamesatcisco I’m a UCS Product Manager


  3. You could also try this link for UCS related information:


  4. @Mark – thanks for the website link. Seems to be really useful for cisco questions.


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