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As I was preparing for a webinar recently, some stats came across my desk reinforcing what we’ve suspected for a while, namely that employees and the organizations they belong to, are increasingly embracing a cloud workspace -- one that’s mobile and deliverable on any device, and that this imperative is a reality that IT managers are wrestling with not months from now, but now.

These nuggets are certainly no surprise:

So it’s no wonder that Cisco and VMware brought some of their best solution-level capabilities together to accelerate and optimize how IT organizations can intercept these trends, as they embrace BYOD and desktop virtualization – see the figure below to get an idea of how it all comes together.

VMware Mobile Secure Desktop, built on the Cisco VXI Smart Solution, tackles head-on, the challenge of delivering stateless mobile desktops that address key requirements necessary to support mobile power users:

If you want to learn more about VMware Mobile Secure Desktop, built on Cisco VXI, I encourage you to check out the Bootcamp video (below), and continue the discussion on the VMware Community page for Mobile Secure Desktop

Next week we’re at VMworld in San Francisco.  Are you going?  Later this week, I’ll share some details on what you can expect from Cisco and VMware , from an end-user computing perspective.

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