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As a quick reminder , to participate to this 6 weeks challenge and have a chance to win every week a new iPAD, you want to visit our Facebook page. The questions are submitted on Sunday midnight PST, and answers have to be provided  by Friday noon PST. Participation is easy and fun and allow you to collect points to compete for the highest IQ score. This best Unified Data Center “brain” will be the winner of the Grand Prize (valued US $2000).  Every week-end , you can answer bonus  questions, which give you additional points to catch up for the Grand Prize

So it’s Friday again, and we  just finished the 5th week of this contest!

And it’s now time for our bonus questions ! This coming week –end bonus  question are covering Intelligent Automation , LISP, Nexus 7000 , big data , and Cisco Validated Design (CVD)  for Cloud . If you check regularly our blogs,  you are in a good place – Following  also @drombaut and @ciscodc is a good idea to get clues .
Each correct answer will give you 20 points – So you don’t want to miss the opportunity to catch up for the Grand Prize.
If your Unified Data Center IQ is higher than 100 , you still can be the winner , as this week-end can bring you 100 points , the next week another 50 points , and the following week-end another 100 points.

BTW, next week questions , starting on Sunday midnight , will be about UCS Central and UCSM (did you check the announcement?). Another great opportunity to win an iPad!

I would like to share with you who is the winner of the previous week, but surprisingly , I didn’t get any answer to my e-mail . She either (her name is Raquel) didn’t give me the right e-mail, or she is not able to access to her e-mail (I hope it has nothing to do with Sandy !). Anyway for now, I keep her iPad safe. Let her know !
I hope you found the bonus and this past week questions interesting .
Here are the results , so that you can evaluate your Unified Data Center IQ so far – Remember that each bonus question was worth 20 points.

Bonus questions (week-end November 3& 4)

1. Which statement does not  reflect Hadoop benefits

Correct Answer : A

2. Here are some  key network characteristics that affect Hadoop clusters .Which statement do you think is not correct

Correct Answer : C

3.Which UCS platform allowed Cisco to break the Million Ops/sec Barrier  with Oracle Data Base

Correct Answer : D

4.Which statement is correct  - The Cisco ASA 1000 V Cloud Firewall

Correct Answer : D

5. For a 256 frame size (bytes) and 800 DUT Frame rate(Mbps)  the average latency of the Cisco IPS 4510 is 45.21 – What do you think is the average latency for a 512 frame size and 1600 DUT Frame rate ?

Correct Answer : C

Last week questions
1.How  many 10GbE ports supported on the largest N7k chassis?

Correct answer : B  768 10GbE ports

2.Which are the parent switches that support Cisco Fabric Extender Technology?

Correct answer D Nexus Series 5000 Series and Nexus 7000 Series and US Fabric Interconnect

3.What type of encapsulation enables Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) to extend Layer 2 over IP-based networks?

Correct answer : B Mac in IP

4.Cisco Data Center Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) is supported on ?

Correct answer B : Red Hat KVM, VMware ESX hypervisors and Microsoft Windows Server 8 Hyper V (Answer B)
5. Cisco Security Gateway for Nexus 1000 Series Switch Correct answer was D (all of above)

Good luck !

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