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As I prepare for an exciting week @ Cisco Live, I quickly found that I wanted to be at three places at the same time, so I decided to put together a navigation aid for the Cisco UCS related sessions.  We expect almost 15000 delegates to attend and hope the navigator helps you if you will be among them. If you are new to UCS and would like to see why more than 13000 customers are using the Cisco UCS check out the Solutions Keynote: Data Center and Cloud Solutions by Dr. David Yen Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Group (Wed Jun 13 at 12:30 PM).  For a high-level overview go through this presentation my colleague Thomas Cloyd put together, and we presented at EMC World last month.

Cisco Live is all about education; so don’t be surprised by the large number of UCS demos, seminar, technical breakouts, partner case studies and labs.  The navigator below should help you prioritize the sessions to attend.

What is Cisco UCS?

If you want an introduction to UCS then the following sessions should be interesting

Why Cisco UCS?

If you are aware of the UCS and considering it for your organization, there are sessions for that.

How do I use Cisco UCS?

If you are just getting started with Cisco UCS in your organization, there are sessions for that.

Making the most of Cisco UCS.

If you are using UCS today and would like to make the most of your investment, we have sessions for that too.

Depending on your interest you can find out more about Cisco UCS.  In addition to these sessions you will find a number of UCS demos in the booths at the World of Solutions. Hope to see you soon at Cisco Live in San Diego.

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