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The Power of “And”

Post by: Omar Sultan, CCIE Solution Manager -Data Center SwitchingCMO -Data Center SolutionsThe other day, I was reading through a message board on another website was reminded, how our industry tends to look at things in an adversarial light. A new box is released and we need to compare it to what’s out there and choose sides in a”red switch/blue switch” showdown. In this case, I was reading through a spirited discussion about FCoE vs. iSCSI. In this particular case, once the dust settles, I think folks will figure out that there is room for both technologies in their data center, much as folks figured out it a few years ago that they can blend SAN and NAS as part of their storage strategy-neither technology is perfect, but they can compliment each other to provide a stronger overall solution.Since the Super Bowl is coming up, perhaps a football analogy is apt: if you draft a Heisman Trophy winning running back, you don’t bench your pro-bowl wide receiver, instead, you explore what opportunities you can create by taking advantage of both assets-use the running game to set up up the pass. This is the power of”and”.If you are a follower of this blog, you know Doug has hinted that some cool things are in store. As these announcements unfold, I invite you to set aside the natural tendency to compare and instead focus on the opportunities these new products and technologies open up for you.

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