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The Cisco SAP Business Warehouse Appliance is Here

Cisco IASBU has recently launched an update to their  In-Memory appliance offerings.  Cisco IASBU has certified  additional Cisco UCS based systems that now support an entry level SAP BWA appliance with SSDs for storage.  In addition, in order to broaden even more coverage, a 12 and 16  blade configuration for SAP BWA that uses NetApp storage.  However, what is really driving buzz is the inclusion of the Cisco Intelligent Automation (IA) for In-Memory as part of all the BWA offerings.   The same core technology  that drives the Cisco IA Cloud orchestration solution. This new automation content supports SAP BWA for Wave 2 customers  (non-traditional SAP  customers), SAP BusinessObjects (BOBJ)  and will serve as a foundation for SAP HANA 1.0 automation content.

As we know, BI was once thought of as a “nice-to-have” system, but has now become a crucial part of companies’ operations. In fact, for many companies, losing BI means their management has to make critical decisions without the supporting data that they have come to rely on, and expect.   Cisco IASBU offers a SAP In-Memory Appliance that uses intelligent automation capabilities – that is, as opposed to traditional run book tools where one has to build content; the Cisco IA automaton platform comes with ready-deployable content specific for executing SAP best practices for BWA, BOBJ, and coming soon SAP HANA 1.0.  In the coming months we will blog more about customer scenarios, usage and how the Cisco Appliances for BWA and HANA will enable them to not only proactively prevent interruptions of services that executives depends on for agile decision making, but also help drive innovation, reduce costs, mitigate risks and save their employees valuable time.

For more information, you can follow developments of SAP BWA at @CiscoIA on Twitter, or contact the SAP BWA team at  For additional information go to

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