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Storage Networking At Cisco

image I thought I would switch gears a bit and touch on one of the other pillars of the data center. Our storage environment continues to be a great story to tell and continues to be a source of interest with customers I brief. If you look at the numbers, they are pretty cool:

  • 125 MDS switches deployed globally
  • 12,000 ports in production globally, 10 petabytes
  • TCO driven from $0.12/MB down to $0.01/MB
  • Average amount of storage managed by an employee increased from 25 terabyte to 600 terabytes
  • Since 2001, storage utilization has increased from 20% to 68%

The Cisco IT storage story really highlights the benefits of Data Center 3.0 and the consolidate > virtualize > automate path. In this installment of the TechMinute, Sidney talks about how we manage this environment. For further interesting reading, here is a case study on how Cisco IT uses our SAN to automate the legal discovery process, and another case study on supporting our ERP environment.

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