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Snowstorm in San Jose

This morning when I woke up for a 7am meeting it was about 60 degrees out. But to my immediate surprise I had a SMS that may meeting canceled because of a blizzard. Here is a picture of the actual conditions that denied this meeting with a large retailer.

Pretty scary for a January morning meeting in San Jose, California. The problem was Telepresence. This was a meeting to update our customer on Data Center 3.0, and our vision for Cloud Computing and Virtualization. The customer was in Chicago, Illinois. Why didn’t we just use a con-call? To the customer, the Telepresence medium was so valuable to the interaction that they would rather delay several days than use an inferior communications vehicle to have this critical conversation. So for me, it was the first time I had a snow-day in San Jose, and I am quite thankful for that!dg

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