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Before I get into any thoughts or observations from PEX2011, I want to say THANK YOU to all the Cisco partners that attended our bootcamp on Monday. It was an all-day event, the day after the Super Bowl, and you turned out in force throughout the day. The bootcamp Q&A sessions and subsequent discussions at the Appreciation Party and within our booth were very insightful. Keep giving us feedback on how we can help drive your business into new opportunities in 2011.

We covered a variety of topics (UCS+VMware, Private Cloud, Nexus 1000v, VDI, VXI and Virtualized Multi-Tenant network design) and we’ll work on getting many of those presentations posted online soon.

Within the event, several key themes were prominent throughout the week:

I was glad to see VMware announce vCloud Connector, helping enterprise/mid-market customers better coordinate with Service Providers. This reinforces Cisco’s Cloud Computing strategy to enable customers and Service Providers to deliver Private Cloud or Public Cloud services to best match their business and IT needs, wherever and however they need them.

With Cloud Computing being prominently discussed, I was somewhat surprised to not hear Security discussed more often. You’d think the #1 CIO interest would be married to their #1 concern. Maybe companies were holding off until the RSA Conference this week. Some of the Cisco partners I met felt like their existing security practices would naturally extend to virtualization. Maybe this is true, maybe not. When we discussed things like Nexus 1000v policies, vPath, Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) and Virtual Network Management Console (VNMC), many of them quickly realized that they might have some homework to do. Maybe this will help them (requires registration).

Finally, I’d like to congratulate all the Cisco partners that were recognized by VMware in their “Partner of the Year 2011” categories. We’re glad to contribute a small portion to your success in building great practices. We know you have a choice in your technology partners and we’re glad that you continue to trust Cisco to deliver products and solutions to meet your customers business needs. We appreciate the feedback, discussions and support throughout the year and we’ll see you again at Partner Exchange 2012.

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