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The Unified Fabric Payoff

So, as I have mentioned before and chatted about with Sidney, we have the Nexus 5000 and unified fabric in production in our Mountain View data center. We are running the News@Cisco website over it as well as some back-office data base apps right now.So what have we learned? To net it out:

  • Reduced cable count per rack from 72 to 18
  • Reduced power consumption by 30%
  • Extended useful life of data center by 12-18 months

You can watch the video of Mike Norman, Director of DC Design, dig into some of the details.

Forget Cloud Computing, What About Cloud Apps?

So, I have to admit, the combination of iTunes and Shazam is not all that good for my bank balance. But, outside of helping me fill out my iTunes library with songs I didn’t know I wanted, Shazam, along with the Google iPhone app, highlight three interesting trends. Read More »

Oracle and Cisco — 1+1 > 2

I really enjoyed reading this blog from Oracle today. It made clear what the role of the “network as platform” could do for truly key business applications like Oracle’s E-Business Suite Release 12.While platforms like load balancers have been around for a dozen+ years now (remember Alteon, Arrowpoint, and others in the hot late 90s?), the value of this technology has become clear to enterprises and service providers, as well as the early adopter .com and content providers that first used these products. And it’s great to see today’s leading edge technologies — i.e. virtualization — making their way into key data center infrastructure components like load balancing, storage, and firewalls, following the lead VMware, Microsoft and others have done with server virtualization.The next key question is when will these data center infrastructure hardware components themselves become fully virtualized services and reside on independent hardware platforms — i.e. virtual appliances? This is a trend that’s bound to come over the next several years as software + general processors continue evolving to provide custom silicon-level performance.For now, we’re pleased to see load balancing continue to provide strong value for customers deploying and optimizing their business through their key investments in Oracle…

Cisco and Infoblox – VOD from Webcast

I got to enjoy a morning recently with 600 of my closest friends, on a webcast with Stuart Bailey from Infoblox, Rahul Tripathi from Cisco, and moderated by the illustrious RIck Kagan- also from Infoblox. I do not normally shamelessly advertise webcasts an such like this, but let me say that we had fun with this one. After the obligatory registration section- jump in, but also comment back, join the conversation, and let us know what you think. dg

Nexus 5000 Garners InfoWorld Award

The Cisco Nexus 5000 was recently named “Best Datacenter Fabric Switch” by InfoWorld as part of their 2009 Technology of the Year awards. A winner in the “Networking and Security” category, the Nexus 5000 was recognized for its flexibility and innovation. InfoWorld notes:

With a price that drubs the competition, a small 2U form factor, great scalability, and unrivaled speed and latency, the Nexus 5000 is poised to take on all challengers in the space.

The full InfoWorld review can be found here. Just in case you think we are resting on our laurels, stay tuned for more from the Nexus family in the coming weeks.