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So What is Data Center 3.0? An Update…

Based on our conversations at the C-Scape event this week, or #cscape for Twitter users, we made this quick video explaining the evolution of our portfolio and a bit about what we see happening in the data center, virtualization, and cloud computing markets. dg

An interesting thought/attribution from the analyst community…

Andreas Antonopoulos from Nemertes research recently wrote a piece on ‘anti-routing’ an interesting taxonomy and construct, but quite intriguing…

Cloud Security, commentary on a GigaOm article…

Alistair over at GigaOm penned an interesting piece on the role of security in the cloud. Alistair raises some interesting points- that since there are less humans involved in cloud architectures, that processes are more stringent, and that it is not your employees these architectures can be trusted more implicitly. I would say ‘I agree IF…’ (big IF)… Read More »

Growing into Market Adjacencies

I am at our C-scape Industry analyst conference today. The in-person event is at the Fairmont in San Jose, while this year we are also bringing it over the network to those who could not travel for the event. The role of an industry analyst is critical during this period of economic turbulence. Cisco uses times like this to invest into adjacent markets, looking for markets that may have been stagnant on technology innovation and where the innovations we can bring enable customer value with the key value propositions today being extending the lifecycle of capital assets the customer already has, deferring significant new capital aset outlays for a period of years, and thus reducing and deferring incremental operational expenses. Read More »

The network: the final frontier for cloud computing

Quick! When was the last time you thought “network” when you heard “cloud computing”? How often have you found yourself working out exactly how you can best utilize network resources in your cloud applications? Probably never, as to date the network hasn’t registered on most peoples’ cloud radars.

This is understandable, of course, as the early cloud efforts try to push the entire concept of the network into a simple “bandwidth” bucket. However, is it right? Should the network just play dumb and let all of the intelligence originate at the endpoints?

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