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Why a new OS?

I read an interesting article questioning why we created NX-OS. It’s a fair question so one I figured I’d pu together a few quick thoughts on….NX-OS is not yet another Operating System. NX-OS has as its core Cisco SAN-OS. It is a modular, multi-process, multi-threaded Operating System that has full Stateful Process Restart and Zero-Service-Disruption Upgrades. Read More »

Cisco Nexus 7000: “Changing Data Centers Forever”

In this video, Doug Gourlay, Cisco Senior Director of Data Center Solution Group, talks about our new Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch -- purpose built for the Data Center of the future. It is designed to transform data center operations, making our customers experience in the data center more efficient, resilient and lasting. Also, check out the Cisco Nexus 7000 website where you can explore the features and elements of the Nexus 7000 Series in our 3-D Interactive Model and view other videos introducing the Nexus 7000 family.

Nexus- Defined

Nexus: The Core, or Center. After spending 12% of my life working with the finest engineers, marketing professionals, and product management today we are announcing the Cisco Nexus Family. Led by the flagship Cisco Nexus 7000 Series- the first Data Center Class Switching Platform. Read More »

The Power of “And”

January 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

Post by: Omar Sultan, CCIE Solution Manager -Data Center SwitchingCMO -Data Center SolutionsThe other day, I was reading through a message board on another website was reminded, how our industry tends to look at things in an adversarial light. A new box is released and we need to compare it to what’s out there and choose sides in a”red switch/blue switch” showdown. In this case, I was reading through a spirited discussion about FCoE vs. iSCSI. In this particular case, once the dust settles, I think folks will figure out that there is room for both technologies in their data center, much as folks figured out it a few years ago that they can blend SAN and NAS as part of their storage strategy-neither technology is perfect, but they can compliment each other to provide a stronger overall solution.Since the Super Bowl is coming up, perhaps a football analogy is apt: if you draft a Heisman Trophy winning running back, you don’t bench your pro-bowl wide receiver, instead, you explore what opportunities you can create by taking advantage of both assets-use the running game to set up up the pass. This is the power of”and”.If you are a follower of this blog, you know Doug has hinted that some cool things are in store. As these announcements unfold, I invite you to set aside the natural tendency to compare and instead focus on the opportunities these new products and technologies open up for you.

Application Delivery Networks!

This week Cisco introduced the Application Delivery Network to the press and analyst corps as well as our key European customers at Networkers 2008 in Barcelona. This architectural approach to application delivery showcases how the network can sense changes in application requirements and dynamically adjust resource allocation to meet changes in demands. It also clearly highlighted how Cisco can understand applications at a message-passing level and link this deep insight to load balancing at the flow level and end-to-end transit at the packet level. Read More »