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Virtualization and Data Center Disaster Recovery

May 19, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

Rich Miller recently posted on using containers for data center disaster recovery and references the Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) as an example of deploying mobile data centers as part of a company’s disaster recovery strategy.NERV is certainly a cool concept and data centers have been put to good use in New Orleans and southern California. However, even mundane consolidation and virtualization efforts can pay off. Here is a link to a case study for how consolidation/simplification, IP Telephony and virtualization efforts were central to Cox Communications, Inc ability to quickly and safely restore business operations after Hurricane Katrina.

More on Unified Fabric and Fibre Channel over Ethernet

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Another day, Another Skeptic

It seems that there are a lot of concerns about FCoE and that’s understandable since it is a new protocol and standards are still being finalized. However, there is significant momentum behind it and I’ll try to address some of the points mentioned in this post from Greg Ferro. Read More »

Invitation to Webcast on SAN Innovations

Cisco will be hosting a webcast on Innovations for Next Generation SAN Architectures including FCoE. Plus, we’ll have a special message from our storage partner, EMC.I invite you all to join to learn about our strategic direction for the MDS 9000 product line.Register here.

Our 101st Entry… and cool stuff I saw

This marks our 101st blog entry on the Cisco Data Center Blog. Starting back about a year or so ago with my first inaugural real post called The Fallacy of Wire Rate Switching (still one of my faves) to today when I just wanted to mention some neat companies and technologies I have seen recently: Read More »