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Application Delivery Networks!

This week Cisco introduced the Application Delivery Network to the press and analyst corps as well as our key European customers at Networkers 2008 in Barcelona. This architectural approach to application delivery showcases how the network can sense changes in application requirements and dynamically adjust resource allocation to meet changes in demands. It also clearly highlighted how Cisco can understand applications at a message-passing level and link this deep insight to load balancing at the flow level and end-to-end transit at the packet level. Read More »

Cisco pushes network to deliver apps

So Networkers Barcelona is in full swing, and Cisco and partners are making their announcements.What does Cisco have to say about the hot “application delivery” market? Some pretty interesting things, actually. Read More »

Wise Words From The Bard…

I saw an announcement today in the Data Center space that reminds me well of some famous words by the inimitable William Shakespeare… but we’ll get to those in a few moments. It looks like companies one solely focused on storage networking are now following in our footsteps yet rather than providing vision, strategy, and execution the are providing vibrant PowerPoint showcasing an intent to start becoming a network player. I applaud this deciison and welcome them to the Ethernet party, it started 15+ years ago in switching but new market entrants are always welcome. Certainly pioneering innovations in Ethernet like switching itself, lossless forwarding, VLANs, FibreChannel over Ethernet, EtherChannel, etc are all some protocols that Cisco has innovated that may be of use- but don’t forget RFC1149, it’s a must-have for new players in this space… and apropos. Read More »

Watch This Space…

Have you ever run in a race? I used to run some in high school -- I was never very good at it, but it was fun to compete. I always got this nervous energy and butterflies in my stomach coming up to the starting line. It’s that build-up of excitement right before something monumental to you at that time, something exciting, something visceral.I’m having that same feeling right now.I’ve been here for about 10 years now- and have spent the last four working in the data center space on some really ground-breaking technologies in both the Application Networking area and the core infrastructure space. It’s amazing to think that I have spent a bit over 10% of my life working on one project, but that’s what keeps me going.I titled this entry ‘Watch This Space’ because over the next several weeks and months there are going to be significant announcements in the data center from Cisco. Not just new boxes or features, but technologies that will transform the way networks are built, change the way IT operates, and set a new bar for availability, security, and manageability. That’s why I am so excited right now… the race is about to start.Watch this space.dg

Virtual Switching in the Data Center

Heard of Virtual Switching System on the Catalyst 6500 yet? This is something that was recently tested by David Newman over at Network World, and is linked here.I am quite excited about VSS- it is a technology that fundamentally changes the way we build data centers, period. Sure the performance is nice, but the real benefit is twofold: Read More »