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FCoE Takes Next Step to Standards Completion

So the big news is that the FCoE standard continues to move forward by adopting a common addressing structure: soon as the release hit the wire, battle lines are being drawn. On one side, you have the Fibre Channel advocates supporting the standard but hedging their bets on how quickly it will be adopted. On the other side, you have the IP advocates who ask “Why can’t we just go straight to iSCSI?”An interesting discussion is taking place here. Read More »

Key Nexus Hardware Features

Michael Morris who maintains an eloquent blog at Network World on the Cisco Subnet wrote this blog entry about some of the hardware features of the Cisco Nexus 7000. Michael’s Article. (I say this even though he doesn’t like the name…yet :) It will grow on him I am sure…. Read More »

Colin on Usability

I saw this post hit today on Colin McNamara’s Blog here.Colin writes about key usability features on the Nexus 7000 from an operational perspective after his hands on time with it at last weeks SE Virtual Team meeting. I especially like Colin’s suggestions for us to continue improving the product line. Thank you.dg Read More »

Expecting and Getting More from Your Data Center

Green is definitely the new black. Much more than a just a trendy fad, though, it’s an important business concern that is driving not just good corporate citizenship, but also innovations in how we approach technology and processes. And the data center is at the heart of this opportunity.Blade Watch recently reported that according to IDC, energy and cooling expenses will grow eight times faster than purchasing costs of new servers through 2010. They go on to quote Christian Bertrand, ME Business Development & Support Director at APC-MGE as saying,”Building completely new data centers might be cheaper than reorganizing conventionally-built ones, even in the medium term.” Read More »

Containing IT

James Staten from Forrester writes a very good article today at that talks about the high potential value of a containerized approach to IT in large megacenters. Let’s start for example with a 2.5 to 5.0 MegaWatt containment unit with all cooling, power, compute, memory, and storage in there for the execution of a given amount of workload. There would be some central shared services: DNS, Central Storage, ILM, Backup, etc… Read More »