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Numbers Don’t Lie (Vendors Often Do) — WAAS Results from TheInfoPro

TheInfoPro, a leading market survey and analysis firm, has completed its fourth “WAVE report” on enterprise IT spending and priorities. Not suprisingly, WAN optimization came out as a very hot technology focus area: “WAN Data Compression and Acceleration Hardware has overtaken 10 Gbps Ethernet to assume the top spot on the Data Networking Infrastructure Technology Heat Index ┬«in Wave 4.”But another interesting point comes up when TheInfoPro looks at specific vendors in the market… Read More »

Ummm, is your switch… Backwards????

When we introduced the Nexus Family as a family of switching products that were purpose-built for the data center we meant this at every conceivable level. Silicon, Systems, Software, Hardware, Power Architecture, even a ‘Form Follows Function’ physical design of our chassis.At the Partner Summit in Honolulu last week, amidst this thing called VOG (Volcanic Fog) I had someone ask me why the Nexus 5000 looked so different than the 7000 from an aesthetics point of view. I came back to the ‘form follows function’ design methodology. The Nexus 5000 is designed for the data center…. Read More »


Just saw a good write up from Mark Lewis over at NEtwork World on NX-OS analysis he did off a build we sent over to him here.’WR T’ still to be added, or you can alias it ;)dg

FCoE “and” iSCSI – Who cares? It’s all about Data Center Ethernet

Innovation in networking has always been associated with animated (sometimes religious, but who cares) debates about what’s right and what’s wrong. And it was only a matter of hours before the iSCSI vs. FCoE debate got started.This time, though, I do not believe it is a either/or type of situation, but rather an “and”… Read More »

The Other Nexus News

April 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

By now, I would hope, you are aware of our newest addition to the Nexus family, the Nexus 5020. I’ll dig into that a bit more in a second, but the other Nexus news I wanted to note is that we have started customer shipments of the Nexus 7000 this week (yay--although I am guessing the blogger who accused us of only having cardboard models might be a bit disappointed). Read More »