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New Cisco TechWise TV : Journey to Unified Computing -February 4th

The Cisco TechWise TV team is coming back with a new broadcast on February 4th  2010 at 1:00pm EST (10:00 am PT)  on the compelling benefits of unified computing in your data center

If you never attend a TechWise show, it’s time to start.  Ok these guys (“geeks that you can trust”)  are really funny (no comparison with Jay and Conan) , but it’s also a great opportunity to learn how this new architectural approach will dramatically reduce your server, cabling, cooling, provisioning, and management needs.And learn how you can take a building block approach to a unified data center, while enjoying significant ROI at each step. Intel, VMware and BMC will participate as well

So book your calendar, register here  and have fun on February 4th at 1:00 pm EST

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The Perils of Equipment Testing

So, I am an auto enthusiast–I like me some fast cars with big engines–and regular readers of my blogs (thank you, by the way) know that an auto analogy sneaks in every now and then–largely because cars are usually something everyone can relate to.  

The funny thing about the reviews in car magazines is that they tend to highlight statistics that are interesting, but also largely irrelevant.  I mean 0-60 times and top speed make for interesting reading, but aren’t particularly germane to understanding what a car is really like to live with, unless you happen to live on a race track. Track testing certainly has its place:  I am interested in a car’s 60-0 time because braking is something I will do often and its good to understand relative braking performance between cars, but in the end, I am more likely to spend time on a site like where I can learn about real-world experiences from actual car owners.

Which brings us to the brave world of testing network equipment….


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An interview with Manjula Talreja Cisco VP, Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition

Manjula Talreja, is the new Cisco Vice –President for the Virtual Computing Environment  coalition created  2 months ago by Cisco and EMC together with VMware. She will be next week in Barcelona, Spain,  for Networkers at Cisco Live 2010. (January 25-28)

Manjula, who leverages in this new position her 20 years industry background in business strategy consulting and operations of large scale IT applications, is well known at Cisco for her leading  role in the Software Busines Group. She ran previously the Customer Business Transformation organization within the Voice Technology Group. Before joining Cisco, Manjula used to work for HP in the US, South East Asia, and Europe .
Her success is related to two of her key strengths :The ability to drive innovation and change management on one hand ,  to synthesize and communicate complex ideas in simpler terms on the other hand.

As Manjula will be part of a VCE panel, organized in Barcelona on Tuesday January 26, with EMC Dennis Hoffman and VMware Hatem Naguib, I met her briefly to have some insights on the Virtual computing Environment coalition, and its joint offering called “the Vblock infrastructure packages”.
I asked her also to give me some clarification on  the role of the Cisco EMC joint venture Acadia, as well as the support provided by system integrators and channel partners to what she described as an “integrated system approach “ in the journey to the private cloud .
Here is the first part of the interview

Stay tuned for the second part of the video on Friday

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Virtualized Data Center Summit

There is an upcoming BrightTALK summit around the virtualized data center.  The BrightTALK folks have pulled together a solid line up that will be held live on Thursday, January 21, 2010, or a on-demand afterwards:

Data Center 3.0: Unifying the Virtualized DC Infrastructure
Ed Bugnion, VP/CTO, Server, Access & Virtualization Business Unit at Cisco

Case Study: Terremark’s InfiniCenter Virtualization Story
Chris Drumgoole, SVP Product Development at Terremark

Unified Computing System Innovations
Scott Rose, Director, Product Management, Server, Access & Virtualization Business Unit at Cisco

Transformational Business Value of Data Center Virtualization
Sidney Morgan, IT Architect at Cisco

Emerging Trends in Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure
Jake Smith, Manager of Advanced Server, Technologies Team, Data Center Group at Intel

Server Virtualization: Maturity Brings Complexity
Richard Jones, Vice President and Service Director for Burton Group Data Center Strategies


To register for this event, click here.

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Cisco Data Center at Cisco Live 2010 Barcelona Jan 25-28


Based in Europe? Eager to make a difference in your job ? Barcelona Networkers at Cisco Live 2010  (January 25-28 2010) is your once a year opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow your knowledge in your own backyard.  Through the theme knowledge is power; we will endeavor to equip you and your organization with the technical knowledge required to stay competitive in today’s challenging economy. We believe you’ll benefit from attending this event whatever your technology interest, application environment, company size, or industry focus

Data Center

With the introduction of new lines of products such as the Nexus Data Center Switching, and the Unified Computing Systems, complementary solutions to the Storage Area Networks and  the Application Acceleration Solutions, we have  clearly demonstrated over the past two years our determination and ability to significantly improve the efficiency of the data centers

Here are some recommendations to make the best out of your stay in Barcelona.

The Data Center of the Future (DCoF) initiative presented last summer at Cisco Live San Francisco, and supported by numerous industry leaders including  APC,EMC, Intel, NetApp,Oracle, Panduit, VMware will be at the heart of our Data Center activities in Barcelona- The DCoF demo was by far the most successful demo at Cisco Live in San Francisco  grabbing a lot of attention and interest from the attendees – So it’s a must see demo!

You want also to pay a visit to the Data center booth to meet our experts on Unified Fabric, Data Center Interconnect, Application Delivery, Advanced Services, Unified Computing,Virtualization,  Secure Cloud  or  Vblock, the pre-designed solutions provided by the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition (VMware- Cisco –EMC)

Power sessions, VCE panels, partners and technical sessions( check in the catalog for TECDCT-2001    Data Center Design Power Session  & TECVIR-2002    Virtualizing Server and Storage in a Data Center)will be also great  opportunities to learn more about the vision , the architectures and the solutions provided by Cisco and partners (APC, EMC, Intel, NetApp, Oracle, Panduit, VMware)

To facilitate your visit  here is a series of additional sessions, selected by our DC experts you may want to consider

BRKAPP-2002    Server Load Balancing Design
BRKAPP-2005    Deploying Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS)
BRKAPP-2020    ACE Deployment in an Application Environment
BRKAPP-2021    Deploying and Troubleshooting Web Cache Communication      Protocol (WCCP) for WAN Acceleration, Security and Content Delivery
BRKAPP-3003    Troubleshooting the Cisco Application Control Engine
BRKAPP-3006    Troubleshooting Cisco Wide Area Application Services
BRKCOM-2016    Deploying business Critical Applications on Branch Office Routers
BRKCOM-1007    The Unified Computing System – a Technical Overview
BRKCOM-2986    Unified Data Center Architecture: Integrating of Unified Computing        System Technology
BRKDCT-2002    Next Generation Datacenter Networks
BRKDCT-1927    Bridging in the Data Center, with or without Spanning Tree
BRKDCT-2840    Data Center Networking: Taking Risk Away from Layer 2             Interconnects
BRKDCT-2961    Evolution of Hierarchical Network Design for the Data Center
BRKDCT-2981    L2MP overview: going beyond the spanning tree protocol
BRKDCT-2987    Data Center Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance
BRKDCT-2001    Next Generation LAN extensions
BRKSAN-2983    Storage and the Unified Fabric
BRKSAN-3001    Advanced SAN Services and Troubeshooting
BRKVIR-1001    What is Virtualization all about?
BRKVIR-2002    Deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
BRKVIR-2931    End-to-End Data Center Virtualization
BRKVIR-2985    Designs: A Virtual Network Using the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch


No regret! If you have not done that, it’s still possible to register to the Barcelona conference here
If you need help to convince your line of manager, please listen to some of your peers (see below)

In any case, stay tune in following our Barcelona twitter account  and visiting our DC virtual booth open one day on January 26th 2010

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