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Managing the Lego Data Center

March 21, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

During customer briefings, I’ll often use the concept of the Lego data center when talking about the vision behind Data Center 3.0. The joy of Lego (for me at least) is the ability to build something then, (sometimes violently) break it apart and build something else. This is the operational model we look to bring to the data center—sans most of the violence--with Data Center 3.0.

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One Big Happy Fabric

Was recently reading this article about FibreChannel over Ethernet, something we have written just a few times about :) I came across this article today on the technology and how it is coming along in the standards bodies and with a full slate of multi-vendor support coming in behind it. Read More »

Data Centers Down Under

On a plane flying to Sydney to start a week long Asia Pacific Tour. Will be meeting with customers across a few parts of Asia and rushing home to paint Easter Eggs, hide them, and then wonder oddly enough a few days later where that interesting sulphur-like smell is coming from.This week I am going to try something new for me. Yes, I know, I am years behind on technology and using the web, but am going to try to do a few video blogs of the different data centers we may see, if their are architectural differences ‘Down Under’, does airflow work differently in Australia? i.e. does hot air fall and cold air rise? Read More »

Gold = Good, Happy Customers = Great

All vendors get excited when their products win awards and get listed publicly. Cisco was no different when we won not one, but two GOLD MEDALS for our application networking products in SearchNetworking’s Product of the Year awards for WAN Optimization and Application Delivery Controllers.But what really should make vendors the happiest is growing numbers of satisfied customers that are getting real business benefits from their products… Read More »

Why You’ll Want This Switch, Part 3

March 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm PST

So, as an impressionable young”yout”, as Joe Pesci would say, in the early days of networking, I learned an important lesson. I have to admit I started out as a Wellfleet bigot ( for those of you who, sadly, have no idea what I’m talking about). At first blush, it looked to be a better box: elegant hardware architecture, checked all the boxes in terms of standards compliance, better performance (on paper at least)-¬Ěhands down, the BCN won the data sheet wars. But a curious thing happened- Read More »