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Unified Fabric: Getting From Here to There

When discussing unified fabric with customers these days, the conversation is increasingly shifting from “why?” to “how?” Here are some of the slides I will use to brief customers on the “how”. The important thing to note is that the steps I highlight are simply waypoints on the journey to a unified fabric. The rate at which a customer moves is really dictated by their specific circumstances–I see customers chasing this goal aggressively and I also see others moving at a more sedate pace. For a little more detail, you can also pull down the related solution overview.

Data Center Product Efficiency Calculator

Part of building the business case for getting Greener across your infrastructure is the un-sexy task of calculating electrical and thermal efficiency. Well we’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you with a new calculator. You can find it in the planning tools section of the Efficiency Assurance Program. We put this together to help estimate a baseline for where your network(a) electrical efficiency is today. You notice we are saying electrical efficiency, not Green, not even energy efficiency. This tool provides you with the actual operative electrical efficiency of Cisco products. It also shows you the annual cost based on your kWh rate.We’ve gone with exposing electrical efficiency of our products because it is a metric that is not in dispute. It’s basic physics. You will notice for each product, power supply efficiency curves are exposed. These efficiency curves are related to how efficiently our products use electricity. No fancy, padded variables here, just the facts. Measuring the electrical efficiency of Switched-mode Power Supplies (SMPS) is one place you can start today if you want to compare products. I would invite you to encourage vendors to expose these curves publicly as it will drive the industry to be more energy efficient.We’ve tried to make it clear that we believe the largest energy efficiency gains happen at the systems level. However, for those tthat… Read More »

Storage Networking At Cisco

image I thought I would switch gears a bit and touch on one of the other pillars of the data center. Our storage environment continues to be a great story to tell and continues to be a source of interest with customers I brief. If you look at the numbers, they are pretty cool:

  • 125 MDS switches deployed globally
  • 12,000 ports in production globally, 10 petabytes
  • TCO driven from $0.12/MB down to $0.01/MB
  • Average amount of storage managed by an employee increased from 25 terabyte to 600 terabytes
  • Since 2001, storage utilization has increased from 20% to 68%

The Cisco IT storage story really highlights the benefits of Data Center 3.0 and the consolidate > virtualize > automate path. In this installment of the TechMinute, Sidney talks about how we manage this environment. For further interesting reading, here is a case study on how Cisco IT uses our SAN to automate the legal discovery process, and another case study on supporting our ERP environment.

Is HP Now a Friend or Foe of Cisco?

While I’ve seen a lot of kudos of our innovative Unified Computing System announcement in the last two weeks, I have been concerned by some of the “Cisco declaration of war” theme coverage. As someone here at Cisco, who has successfully worked with HP, this information seemed in accurate. So let’s set the record straight.

First of all, Cisco entry in the adjacent server market space with Unified Computing System is not about going after the competition. It is about catching a market transition or inflection point to help our customers unleash the power of virtualization in their data centers. The Unified Computing System addresses many of the pain points our customers have in managing and unleashing benefits of virtualization in their data centers.

Secondly, HP entered Cisco core switching business several years back with its ProCurve product line. Cisco and HP successfully continued their partnership in other areas in the interest of our mutual customers.

That said, what does the UCS announcement mean to Cisco-HP partnership? This brings us back to the title of my post. Well, in the interest of our customers, it is not going to be a friend or foe scenario in general. The reality is we will compete with HP with our Unified Computing System, however, other existing areas of collaboration with HP will continue. Read More »

Networking Virtual Infrastructure with VMware and Cisco

Here is a great technical session presented by Guy Brunsdon of VMware. It starts with a good foundation on networking in a virtual machine environment, followed by a discussion of the virtual distributed switch and the Cisco Nexus 1000V. For more on VM networking, check out Guy’s blog over at VMware.