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Snowstorm in San Jose

This morning when I woke up for a 7am meeting it was about 60 degrees out. But to my immediate surprise I had a SMS that may meeting canceled because of a blizzard. Here is a picture of the actual conditions that denied this meeting with a large retailer.

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Cisco Channel Partner Community – Data Center Success

Was just getting my Google News updates for the morning, and one piqued my interest. It was about one of our partners, Enventis, helping a customer implement eight Nexus 7000s in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. They also made an investment into their own infrastructure to scale-up/out their service delivery capability within the data center. Are there other examples I should recognize? What other partners have been having success with the Nexus family, the MDS, WAN Optimization, Data Center Security, etc? Who else has gone on to be recognized with the Data Center Network specializations?dg

Branch IT Consolidation Without Losing Windows Branch Services

Branch IT consolidation is usually interpreted as moving all branch servers to the data center, or at least as many as possibly makes sense. But what about critical branch services that maintain business continuity and performance for branch workers?The flexibility to consolidate without losing Windows branch services is exactly what Cisco and Microsoft set out to do with Windows Server on WAAS. This joint offering puts Windows Server 2008 or 2003 on the Cisco WAN optimization appliance in the branch so IT OpEx and CapEx costs drop but key branch services are preserved.Check out this outstanding product review from Dave Mitchell at IT Pro in UK: Cisco WAAS 4.1 with Windows Server. Verdict: It’s easy to deploy and manage Windows Server on the virtualization layer in the WAAS appliance to run Active Directory DHCP DNS, and print services.

Cisco Certified Design Experts!

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Michael Morris, a frequent columnist/blogger on NetworkWorld who just passed his CCDE exam. From what I have heard this is a challenging examination and is a practical/real-world test of a person’s ability to design network infrastructure. Michael is also one of the first people to get s sneak peek at the Cisco Nexus platforms and we thank him for his input and candor with us on those. Congratulations!dg

More Happenings at Cisco IT

January 9, 2009 at 12:00 pm PST

I has a chance to sit down with Sidney and Doug before the holidays to catch up. So, in this installment of the DC TechMinute, Doug talks about the various server cabling options we are looking at in our data center and Sidney covers what we are doing with server virtualization and plans in the year ahead.I’d actually like to start opening this discussion up to you, out faithful readers, so if you have any data center related questions for our Cisco IT folks, please post them as comments to this post and I’ll ask the guys next time we chat.For details on how IT is supporting 4,000 apps on 15,000 physical and virtual servers, click here. The business metrics around this are pretty cool $19M of savings/cost avoidance, while still dealing with 15% Y/Y server growth. While you are on the Cisco on Cisco website, check out the virtual tour. Hosted by Doug, these 2-5 minute segments take you inside Cisco’s SJ data center and show you how we handle things like servers, storage, operations, risk management and what our future plans look like.