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Two in a Row at VMworld

best of vmworld

I am happy to share that the Cisco Unified Computing System was just awarded Gold Award in the “Hardware for Virtualization” category at the Best of VMworld 2009 Awards. The system represents a lot of hardwork and commitment from a large number of folks and we truly appreciate the industry recognition. Thank you.

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VMworld 2009 -Daily Blogger Techminute – Day 3

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VMworld2009 – Daily Blogger Techminute Day 1 & Day 2

Day 1 – EMC Dave Graham, VMware Ernesto tey, Cisco Omara Sultan talk about the Data Center at VMworld 2009 based on Unified Computing Systems , Nexus and Cisco MDS

Day 2 – EMC Chad Sakac and Dave Graham, VMware Guy Brunsdon, Cisco Chris Hoff and Omar Sultan share some of the major events at VMworld 2009

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Cisco and VMware Validated Architecture for Long Distance VMotion

So, since we initially demo-ed an inter-data center VMotion solution and CiscoLive!, we have been working dilligently with VMware to develop and refine the solution. Inter-data center workload mobility has a lot of moving parts involved. Essentially, you need to be able to address three areas:

  1. Mobility at layer 2
  2. Mobility of the data, since there is seldom value in moving the workload if it loses access to the data it needs
  3. Mobility at layer 3 and of services

The work with VMware to date has focused on formalizing solution requirements, establishing a solution roadmap and developing a reference architecture. Work has progressed to the point that we can jointly publish a reference architecture for for the first phase of the solution, which addresses both layer 2 mobility and data mobility.


The joint solution essentially allows you to cluster data centers that are up to 200km apart and move virtual machines between them as if they were part of the same vSphere cluster. The solution lends itself to workload mobility amongst data centers, as well as simplifying consolidation, migration, and maintenance. Paired with Storage VMotion or active/active replication storage models, the Cisco/VMware solution helps customer implement a significantly improved disaster avoidance strategy. Looking at the jointly validated architecture below, one of the cooler things to point out is that, for Cisco customers, at least, the solution builds upon the gear they probably already have in place. image

For more details, Cisco and VMware have jointly published a white paper the details the solution criteria, the validated design, and the testing results. For those of you that are here at VMworld 2009, check out session TA3105 this Wednesday at 4:30 or simply drop by the booth (#2118) for a demo.

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Unified Fabric: The New SUV or Hybrid?

Interesting analogy I saw today in story from Byte & Switch blogger Frank Berry. He used the analogy of SUVs and their rather spartan initial models (can you say “early Ford Bronco” or “Cash for Clunkers”?) to the recent unified networking (in Cisco-speak “unified fabric“) offerings — the converging of traditional data and storage traffic over a single low latency and high performance 10Gb Ethernet pipe. I’m not sure if today’s unified networking offerings are quite as stripped down as a 1980s Bronco, and I’m sure the energy efficiency is much better. In fact, they may be much closer to an early 2000s Toyota Prius…

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