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Enhanced business continuity with application mobility across data centers

Cisco, EMC and VMware once again are taking advantage of their close collaboration to provide a new level of interconnection between data centers. In this video, recorded before the event, I asked Yousuf Hasan, Cisco Data Center Architecture & Systems Manager,to comment the announcement made at EMCWorld2010 in Boston 

If you want more details on the solution, here are some interesting white paper and blog to check 



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Cisco will be at SAPPHIRE Orlando & Frankfurt

With the introduction of the unified computing systems, and the close partnership with VMware and EMC (VCE) , the collaboration between Cisco and SAP has significantly increased over the past year. 

On April 6th , Cisco announced a second generation of servers, based on the last generation of Intel processors, providing a robust platform for critical business application such as the SAP solutions, out passing all the existing server platforms in terms of performances, and providing an open environment in terms of management.

Today Ben Gibson, VP of Cisco Data Center Solutions invites you to join the Cisco team in Orlando or in Frankfurt next week, to discover this family of innovative platforms,  

SAPPHIRE will be a great opportunity  to meet the expert from both Cisco and Tidal Software to talk about SAP on Unified computing and Automating Operational Performance Analysis for SAP

If you can’t attend the conference this year, here is another opportunity to know more about the Cisco SAP Partnership 






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Can Managed Service Providers Help the Enterprise Meet their Application Performance Goals?

The success of today’s enterprise relies on the performance of applications over the WAN. The use of bandwidth-intensive, web-based applications (such as videoconferencing and collaborative applications) that are utilized over the WAN creates a challenge for network managers who need to ensure application performance while dealing with limited resources. Application Performance Management (APM) requires monitoring tools and the expertise to use them. The question is how you ensure that you are properly optimizing your applications without having to invest in additional resources.

The answer to this situation could be to rely on your Managed Service Provider (MSP) to deliver an application performance management service. Outsourcing the management of the enterprise WAN could ease both your management burden and reduce IT costs while providing a way to ensure application performance. Many MSPs are meeting their customer’s needs to increase services while holding down costs by providing managed network, data center, and application services. However, to capitalize on these opportunities, managed service providers must overcome a number of challenges themselves. 

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FC or FCoE ..that is not the question

Today Bob Nusbaum, from Cisco Data Center Switching Technology Group is on stage to  invite you to attend his session at EMC World 2010 on Monday 10th at 8:00am

Like Bob’s style and sense of humor or not, his point is very important. There are a lot of conversations in the market on FCoE, and we believe at Cisco that this protocol is very important. But we recognize at the same time that the realistic, practical and effective approach is a multiprotocol deployment in order to accommodate the various needs of our customers. So please listen to Bob and..enjoy the show

If you are in Boston next week, don’t hesitate in addition of attending Bob’s session to stop by at our booth (#600), to discover the topics and solutions, described below  which can be of a great interest for you.

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Workload mobility across data center at EMC World 2010

One of the  the latest innovations from VMWare, Cisco and EMC enables workload mobility among data centers for data center migration, disaster recovery and  business continuity purposes. This solution will be presented by Yousuf Hasan, Cisco Data Center Architecture & Systems Manager,  at EMC World 2010 in Boston  , on Tuesday May 11th at 3:30 pm.  Yousuf will share the solutions features and benefits  in the areas of LAN extensions, routing optimization, WAN optimization and storage extensions, and VMWare VMotion enhancements.


As an EMC World 2010 elite sponsor, Cisco will participate in a variety of onsite activities . To know more click here 



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