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Pacific Coast Building Products Inc. runs SAP on Cisco UCS

One of the distinctive traits of the founder of Pacific Coast Building Products Inc. was his keen sense of timing . Fred Anderson “has an uncanny ability to make the right move at the right time” announces the company’s website.

This sense of timing obviously is still very present, as the IT organization recently moved some of the SAP applications to the Cisco Unified Computing System

As Cisco is developing a strong partnership with SAP, and SAP’s partners including Accenture, Cap Gemini, CSC, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro .., I went to Pacific Coast Building Products headquarters, close to Sacramento, to meet the Senior SAP Architect , Randy Subryan, and the Data Center Architect Matt Okuma.

Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc. sells building products for residential, commercial, and industrial construction to builders and contractors in the western United States and Canada, and also provides installation and transportation services. The family of companies includes Basalite Concrete Products, Pabco Building Products, Pacific Coast Building Services, Pacific Coast Supply,Pacific Coast Jet Charter, and Pacific Coast Transportation Services.

After evaluating several computing platform, the team selected the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)  last December –  “With our previous platform, cabling and configuring a new VMware ESX server took a week or two. With the Cisco UCS, we can provision a new server for SAP applications within 30 minutes” Matt was sharing with enthusiasm. Randy, a SAP veteran architect , was not less shy to list the benefits of this move  “We have a relatively small IT team, and the Cisco UCS Manager helps us operate our SAP application environment efficiently by managing all blades from one interface.”

To know more about Pacific Coast Building Products UCS deployment with SAP read as well the case studie 

If you are in Orlando at SAPPHIRE it’s the right time to meet our experts by visiting the Cisco booth (#1211) and attending one of the following speaking sessions


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Deutsche Banks Talks About Data Center Efficiency

Submitted by Dave Trowbridge, staff writer for News@Cisco and guest blogger for the Data Center blog.

How much waste is there in your data center? The numbers may surprise you.

The confluence of hard economic times and growing environmental awareness has given a big boost to green data center implementations. More and more companies are making the pleasant discovery that IT sustainability and IT energy efficiency are two blades of the same scissors, that cutting emissions and cutting costs naturally go together, and that if you do one right, you get the other almost automatically.

That doesn’t mean that green data center design and implementation are easy. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is likely to come right at the beginning—justifying the expenditures necessary for a large-scale effort. This can seem like a game of percentages: A bit more efficiency here, a bit more utilization there—how do you get it to all add up to a green light for your green data center?

The answer is that those percentages don’t add up—they multiply! This is what Deutsche Bank IT found when it did the math on data center efficiency as part of its “Eight Commitments to Eco-Efficient IT” in support of the bank’s global sustainability efforts. I recently sat down with Andrew Stokes, Chief Infrastructure Architect at Deutsche Bank, to discuss those commitments and his group’s best practices for green data centers. Here, we’ll drill down into the math behind data center efficiency as an illustration of just how much you may have to gain, and how easy it may be to justify your green data center efforts.


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The benefits of running SAP on Cisco UCS

SAPPHIRE started today in Orlando under a grey sky with a series of key notes featuring “celebrities” such as Al Gore,  Richard Branson , and Colin Powel.
The presence of these “public faces” demonstrates the power of one of the largest worldwide software company for enterprise and commercial business critical applications

Cisco is a sponsor of SAPPHIRE, presenting breakthrough  innovations in terms of platform with Unified Computing Systems, in terms of integration with Vblock from the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) coalition , and automation with the Tidal Software – part now of the Cisco family  of products –

We talked recently a lot about the outstanding performances of UCS – Today Ben Eiref, Cisco Senior Product Manager, shares with us the benefits of running SAP on Cisco UCS  

Ben will be with a team of Cisco, Tidal Software and VCE experts in Orlando – Here are some of the exciting activities and presentations happening on the Cisco booth.

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Enhanced business continuity with application mobility across data centers

Cisco, EMC and VMware once again are taking advantage of their close collaboration to provide a new level of interconnection between data centers. In this video, recorded before the event, I asked Yousuf Hasan, Cisco Data Center Architecture & Systems Manager,to comment the announcement made at EMCWorld2010 in Boston 

If you want more details on the solution, here are some interesting white paper and blog to check 



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Cisco will be at SAPPHIRE Orlando & Frankfurt

With the introduction of the unified computing systems, and the close partnership with VMware and EMC (VCE) , the collaboration between Cisco and SAP has significantly increased over the past year. 

On April 6th , Cisco announced a second generation of servers, based on the last generation of Intel processors, providing a robust platform for critical business application such as the SAP solutions, out passing all the existing server platforms in terms of performances, and providing an open environment in terms of management.

Today Ben Gibson, VP of Cisco Data Center Solutions invites you to join the Cisco team in Orlando or in Frankfurt next week, to discover this family of innovative platforms,  

SAPPHIRE will be a great opportunity  to meet the expert from both Cisco and Tidal Software to talk about SAP on Unified computing and Automating Operational Performance Analysis for SAP

If you can’t attend the conference this year, here is another opportunity to know more about the Cisco SAP Partnership 






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