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Gaming Routers and Switches

As a self-avowed bit of a gamer (yes I have my Level 70 World of Warcrack character, and can go all the way back to Ultima Online, MUDs, Zork, Bard’s Tale, and Wizardry (anyone remember Werdna?) to establish a lineage…) I was reading a question today about ‘What is the Best Router for Gaming’??? Read More »

Longer Sales Cycles in WAN Optimization

I am going to do my best here to avoid casting too many stones, but this just amuses me. Six quarters ago I started in this role. A new director on my team was leading a product launch for a technology we call Wide-Area Acceleration Services, or WAAS for short. It was a promising technology but I was a bit circumspect for a variety of reasons- sales channel, who do we sell it to, how do I get our own sales force excited about it, and one very strong competitor in Riverbed. Read More »

Large Scale Data Centers

Microsoft was quoted in this article by TechTarget where they discussed many interesting factors about how to design, build, and operate large-scale data centers. I especially liked the reality check that governments wil regulate this and we will need to offer greater visibility and transparency into IT operations if we are going to accurately account for carbon credits and such. Read More »

A quick word from the field…

Brad Hedlund, a Cisco Systems Engineer out of Illinois and author of a very nice blog that strives to help network engineers worldwide wrote this nice write-up on the Nexus 7000. Read More »

Another day in paradise…

Sitting in my big green chair at home (it’s been with me for 13 years and is kind of a faithful frind like that although it’s fading on the side the sun glares on all day) and reading a few blogs, catching up on my email, and reminiscing a bit.Tonight at Cisco we had a party for employees that are celebrating their 10-year anniversary here. Pretty neat to think about where things were in 1998… Google was being founded. FibreChannel Switching was being developed. I was an SE installing ATM to the desktop ‘Analysts’ proselytized Fast Token Ring and Gigabit Token Ring We both learned. Layer-3 Switching was ‘cool and new’ There was a difference between switches and routers We were installing FEPs into Routers to connect Mainframes over WANs without OSA adapters Voice over ATM was cutting edge MPLS… ??? it was a year later we got the first multi-vendor label swapping working at Interop I just got a new laptop with a smoking Pentium II processor with MMX extensions! It was a Toshiba Tecra I believe. Windows 98 was money But my NT 4.0 was more stable The companies I competed with.. don’t exist now Read More »